Thursday, September 23, 2021

New Lawsuit filed against the 83rd District Attorneys office and Counties including Presidio County alleging prosecutorial misconduct by County Attorneys and District Attorney

Here's the filing of the new lawsuit.

Presidio County Commissioners Court discussed this near the end of Commissioner's Court meeting Wednesday September 22nd under the Agenda Item entitled, "Judge and Commissioners Comments" which has, in my opinion, become a grab bag for discussing anything that didn't make it onto the written agenda. This includes sharing information, debating and making preliminary decisions about how to act on items in future Commissioners Courts.

 In other words, this item has become the catch -all section of the meeting where violations of the Texas Open Meetings Acts occur regularly.

 This is my opinion, but it's notable that I'm not the only regular attendee of Commissioners Court that believes this to be true. The County Attorney and the Commissioners do not object to this practice. Leave me a comment (no anonymous comments accepted) if you have thoughts on this. 
Video recordings of Commissioners Court meetings are available through the County Clerk's Office.

Reminder: this is a civil suit filed against individuals and government entities. Civil cases are not criminal cases although they may be linked to criminal cases.  Any alleged criminal activity would have to be charged separately as criminal charges. I am not aware of any pending legal investigations regarding criminal charges of anyone listed or involved.

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Our County Attorney Rod Ponton is accused of  several wrongdoings, as is Brewster County Attorney Steve Houston. Primary Defendant is District Attorney Ori White.