Tuesday, September 14, 2010

This weekend's shows!!!

Concert Poster, originally uploaded by baldheretic.

Can't wait for Marfa Friday and Terlingua Saturday!!!

Love playing with The Conrads! - David

Monday, August 30, 2010

Regional Chamber of Commerce meeting in Lajitas

This past weekend I attended the Regional Chamber of Commerce symposium/meeting at Lajitas Resort down on the border. I always love going there- great memories and beautiful everything. They have new management (again) and it looks like they may find a way to make that place appealing to the masses while remaining a very, very nice escape for people living in the big cities.
I met a lot of interesting people at the get-together. Most in attendance were from Alpine or S Brewster county, but people from Ft Davis and Van Horn were there as well as representatives of Big Bend National Park and the McDonald Observatory. Much info was exchanged and I felt like I learned a lot about how some of the local leaders I don't know so well think. One theme that was repeated throughout the day is that the regional economy is so small, relative to the rest of the world, that everyone is inter-linked and, therefore, we all really need to work together for the betterment of the region. I agree with that, and of course it's easier said than done...

Interesting topics otherwise included new information (to me) on development in Presidio, the expanded and successful Dark-Sky efforts by Alpine (headed up by residents of Sierra La Rana- already Dark Sky certified), energy efficiency projects, a new industrial plant in Alpine, and the word that Congressman Ciro Rodriguez would help support creation of a regional economic development corporation. All in all, I felt like the trip down there was well worth it, both for the information I got and the company I shared. I'm looking forward to working with some or all of these folks in the future on ideas and issues pertinent to our area out here.

After dinner I headed over to Terlingua, where i drank a few beers and spent the night at La Kiva, my favorite bar in the Trans-Pecos. I had a great time playing a guessing game for money about which 90's band's song would play next on the Satellite radio. Camped out in the campground behind the bar- a favorite place of mine among many favorites down along the river...

I returned Sunday to Marfa to catch the final day of the Marfa Jazz Festival. The Gospel showcase was at the Goode-Crowley Theater at 1 PM. An excellent show! No surprise there.
At 2:30 I met Cory Van Dyke and a couple of other friends to rehearse for my role as a drug dealer in the upcoming Marfa Film production "Far Marfa". Cory is the writer and director and it's going to be a really fun project. I'll be spending a lot of the end of September here filming.
Got back to Padre's at 4:30 and cooked food in the kitchen until 10:30. We hosted a "jazz Jam" with many of the Jazz Band musicians and some local stars including Paul minor and Miles Zuniga; the music was great- a really good Sunday event for us- mellow and cool. Closed the bar with Jon C and finally made it to bed around 2 AM- exhausted...

Back to work today before 10 AM...

Austin and Houston this weekend- David

Monday, April 05, 2010

What a busy three years; re-election coming up May 8

I have now live in Marfa for three years- full time with dedicated domicile other than the floor of the funeral home for 2 months shy of same. I am up for city council re-election this year, having nearly served out my 2 year term. I am running again and will need every possible vote, as I have been fairly aggressive about being fair and not bowing to the traditional powers that be around here. I believe I have been a really good councilman, not totally perfect, but as close as I could be, and that another 2 years will provide me with more expertise and the city with strong, honest leadership. I need everyone's vote, as I won by merely two votes two years ago and being re-elected in city government out here is tougher than in a large city.

Please feel free to contact me with questions, complaints or comments at 432-729-4422 or via email at marfagringo (at) yahoo.com
Election is Sat May 8th.
Thanks! - David

Tuesday, March 09, 2010

New Orleans in June

My Kid brother is getting married in New Orleans in June. I am starting to get excited for this trip. His wedding will be cool- the ceremony is at Tipitina's with music by The El Orbits (not including me) and the rehearsal dinner is at Brennan's the night before. The 2 preceding nights will almost certainly feature some version of the Allen Oldies Band and Light rock Express at the Kingpin, my favorite NOLA haunt. I'm planning on getting there Tuesday, likely by plane, and blowing it out with my favorite people Tues and Wed. Thursday I'll try to get back down to earth so I can be presentable for the rest of the weekend. Leave out again Sunday, probably for the El Paso airport. This trip will mark the very first time I've ever booked a hotel room in New Orleans. I have been there many, many times over the years and have always played it by ear, which I will be doing Tuesday and Wednesday as it is.
Fun times to come- David

Friday, March 05, 2010

Running, etc

I've been on a regular running program since the beginning of the year. I try to run at least 2 miles every morning on weekdays. If I miss because I wake up too late and have to be at work or go to the bank or to get groceries for lunch at the club I don't come down on myself.
Today I decided to push it and ran over 8 miles, according to the gmap-pedometer application that uses Google Maps to track mileage. That's easily the longest I have run in years and it went well. I am sore, but have two days off from running since today is Friday. It's really fun to run out here when it's not too cold in the morning.

Reasons I'm feeling a lot better than I did in Dec-
a little less stress
red wine instead of beer, for the most part
Chinese Medicinal tea from Dr Dang in Houston
better diet
I force myself to go back to sleep in the morning- sleeping in is something I normally only do when I'm hanging out in Houston and off work.
running regularly

We'll see how I am come summer. - David

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Heart checks out OK, small update

I spent the weekend of the 12-14 on the road. I first went to Houston for four different doctor visits. Heart scan, blood work, cardiologist, internist, Chinese herbalist.
Everything checked out OK at the end of the day. I have been back on the running program and have purposefully reduced my stress level somewhat and also have switched from daily beers to limited red wine intake.
A little more blood pressure medicine was prescribed- first increase in 8 years, and it was mild. I guess I'm getting older. I certainly can't afford to have my body get ragged out by hypertension. If I'm going to rag it out at all I'm going to earn it, Satellite Lounge style!
I also played a really fun show with the David Beebe 3 at The Houston Club for boxing night. What an amazing thing to see a full size ring and 500 people in the Texas Room on a Wednesday night. It was great. I loved seeing Irma again and the rest of the staff, for that matter.

I spent the 12th through the 14th in Los Angeles- my first trip there since 2004. It was a blast. I saw Beanie while I was there and enjoyed great weather, walking around, great food, Jumbo's Clown Room for first rate burlesque and more. By the time I returned to Houston I was beat. The club here had a killer fashion show while I was out. I mean awesome. It was called MODA and you can see a video clip on YouTube by searching MODA Marfa.

We are getting ready to open this place 6 days a week for lunch and dinner with continuous food and beverage service in the in-between hours. That starts now, but our first Monday is this upcoming one. We are adding killer lunch specials M_F that can be viewed on our website at www.padresmarfa.com
That same Mon (March 1st) marks the arrival of my newest employee, Lamar High School alumnae Nicki Ittner, formerly of Portland, SF, Austin and NYC. She is the coolest; I am looking forward to having her here in Marfa.
Otherwise I'm basically struggling to pay all the beginning of the year bills- we are pushing hard in 2010 on the advertising end of things. It's expensive, but I predict we'll have a very strong spring and summer. Being open as much or more than any other comparable business in town will definitely help. Consistency is not all that common out here in the Trans-Pecos. Keith Coit's Rule #1 was consistency in your hours and practices.

Lastkly, I filed for re-election to Marfa City Council this past week. Election is early May. - David

Saturday, January 23, 2010

This week is the week for Louisiana food at Padre's

We have a big event here at the club this Wednesday. In conjunction with Ballroom Marfa and the great artist Mel Chin, we are hosting a "Fundred" drawing party. The short story on the Fundred project is that throughout the nation people are coloring in fake $100 bills and doing their own drawings, creating their own art within the parameters of a fake bill. Once 300,000 "Fundred" dollar bills are created, artist Mel Chin, who dreamed up and is coordinating the project, will deliver them to Congress in an Armoured Car to lobby for $300 million worth of funding to complete the rebuilding of New Orleans infrastructure.
SO- we're hosting a Fundred drawing party here Wednesday complete with banners, party favors, New Orleans music, NOLA trivia with prizes, Abita beer specials, Shrimp po-boys, jambalaya, dirty rice, Boudain, red Beans and Rice, Gumbo, special Zapp's potato chip flavors that I special ordered from the factory, and a lot more. It's going to be a blast and all week we're working up these recipes in the kitchen for this event. Sunday it starts with dirty rice and jambalaya during our NFL football games and goes throughout the week. I am excited. Hopefully a few lifetime locals around here will try some great food they've never had before...

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

New Conrads myspace music page

Oh yeah, I know I'm old...
Old enough to start a NEW myspace page!
The Conrads have a few songs and pics on our new music page on myspace- still the best free band site.
Here's the link- www.myspace.com/davidbeebeandtheconrads
Check it- David

Allen Hill, David Beebe and Jackie Pepper

Jay Lee, my writer/radio host/photographer/ musician friend from Houston took this shot of myself, Allen Hill and Jackie Pepper at Padre's in Marfa during the Allen Oldies show last July. Allen has just slicked back his own hair with Peanut Butter when this picture was taken. Jackie got his "treated" by Allen about 5 minutes after this was taken.

portrait of Albert and Adam Bork (color)

This portrait of Adam and his dad was unveiled at the Borks' house over Thanksgiving dinner. It's amazing in so many ways!
Adam insisted on the orange background as a condition of his participation. I love the facial expressions- if you know Adam and his Dad you know this is how they usually look when not laughing out loud.

Monday, January 18, 2010

Quaid movie night tonight

It's a very rare occasion that I bartend, but the next few Mondays I will be here at Padre's. That's because we're showing some of the better and not so better Randy Quaid movies on the projection screen. Randy and his wife moved to town last year and have been making headlines, and I felt it was time to get to know our neighbor's acting career a little better. Actually, I have always been a big fan of his acting. For real.
Tonight we show Kingpin and Parents. Parents is my very favorite one. 1988- horror/dark comedy about cannibalism set in cold war 50's America. Brilliant.
Gotta run now, though- DB

Saturday, January 09, 2010

Jackie Pepper successful, pipes frozen, moving at the end of Jan

Jackie Pepper pretty much rocked the house here last night. Although I have grown tired of Neil Diamond after years of playing his songs in Banana Blender (back when people gagged upon mention of his name) Jackie's audience last night here at Padre's loved it. 2nd and final Neil Diamond tribute night is tonight. We've got some extra tequila in the back for the star.
Last night I got home after closing at about 1:45 and it was 7 degrees outside. The pipes at Madre's in the back wall have burst. The water is off and I am over it. Crappy house, great location, too expensive at $600/month- that's how crappy the house is. And now, no water. I am not interested in contacting the landlord. I am interested in getting out. Beanie is looking for a place for us; I may go back to the Airstream or get a tiny place for myself- don't know, but it needs to be cheap. All I use the house for is sleeping and showers. That's it. Seriously. I am at work every waking moment of my time in Marfa, so what's the point. Airstream is great, but no bathroom on premises. Did it for 2 years- not a biggie, but no optimal for ease of living. Cheap, cheap- cheap enough to save me enough cash to travel more- which is definitely happening more in 2010.
Anyway, no more room for houseguests once Madre's is gone unless Beanie works a miracle. AND- if I move back into the Airstream I'm going to essentially close off Padre's back of house even to employees and make it my official awake-time living space, which was sort of the idea initially as it was.
Anyone have leads on affordable casita, etc let me know. - David

Wednesday, January 06, 2010

Jackie Pepper shows this Friday and Saturday here in Marfa

The legend is back...
It's been 2 years since the Jackie Pepper shows at the Goode-Crowley Theater and now Jackie finally returns to Marfa for a tribute to Neil Diamond this Friday and Saturday. Adam Bork and I are in the band, along with my kid brother on bass and Jim Henkel on guitar. Special guests include Susannah Lipsey on vocals, Ross Cashiola on acoustic guitar and Beanie on some piano.
Adam and I have been getting together for three hours plus the last few nights to hash through the material, which is mostly Neil Diamond. I am playing drums at the show, but have learned all the guitar chords and am showing the changes to the other Marfa musicians. This show will be very different for the Houston show, where Jackie showed up literally without a voice at all. He them proceeded to have more than a few drinks, but made it through the whole show and stunned the audience simply with his audacity to not quit singing or talking, even though nothing was coming out. Incredible.
Now, after a week in New Mexico at his shaman's house and visiting the spa, Jackie returns Friday in time for the shows. I am looking forward to it. 2 more rehearsals with the crew and then shows.
View Jackie Pepper on YouTube- his manager tries to keep him off but there's some good rare footage plus a nice interview from several years back. - David