Sunday, August 02, 2009

Posting elsewhere but plan to do it here too

Hi y'all. Obviously I haven't posted up here since before SXSW. Padre's opened for business the Tuesday following SXSW to a packed house and business has been strong and fun ever since. We have awesome loyal customers here in Marfa who look out for us as much or more as we try to look out for them! It's great- THANKS!

In the craziness of opening up this as a business and not a never-ending construction site I have recently been able to start some blogging again. Since my whole waking day (every day) revolves around the activities at 209 W El Paso St here in Marfa I have shifted over to posting up some on Facebook for Padre's (see link at right) and also to posting on the "Gringo's Padre's Blog" on the club's website at . Currently I m in a rivaling posting duel with my friend and part-time employee Beanie (also known as Benny Oslo). Check it out! I should be back on here once I establish a more consistent and full-time kitchen staff other than myself and John Davenport, my valued right-hand man.
Thanks for reading and, yes, I am doing well! - David