Monday, July 23, 2012

And announcing two new businesses-

One has already been launched (Boyz2Men Taco Trailer) and the other will launch next month. ASTRO Commercial Recycling- for Marfa businesses. Recycling services for glass, aluminum, plastics 1&2, cardboard, newspapers & magazines. Picked up weekly at your business. Recycling cans provided. $15/hr plus a $2/hr donation to Big Bend Recyclers (through ASTRO) non-profit recycling regional group. All 5 requirements fulfilled with these two. DB

The FIVE parameters that every project I do from now on will conform to.

Not necessarily always in this order but pretty much. 1) Everything will be, in some way, an art project first. 2) Everything will be, in some way or several ways, a social experiment 3) Everything will provide a service to the community of some sort. 4) Everything will provide me with structure in my life 5) Projects do not have to be profitable, but they must be financially sustainable. I am 100% serious about this and have been thinking about it for several months.