Monday, July 23, 2012

And announcing two new businesses-

One has already been launched (Boyz2Men Taco Trailer) and the other will launch next month. ASTRO Commercial Recycling- for Marfa businesses. Recycling services for glass, aluminum, plastics 1&2, cardboard, newspapers & magazines. Picked up weekly at your business. Recycling cans provided. $15/hr plus a $2/hr donation to Big Bend Recyclers (through ASTRO) non-profit recycling regional group. All 5 requirements fulfilled with these two. DB


Ronnie said...

Sounds great. Constraints can paradoxically free us to design better things, because it forces certain decisions and frees us to start acting. Your constraints are good choices as well, best of luck and keep us updated. failures are just as important as wins too.

Large Marge said...

Cool idea!!! So, can residents recycle in Marfa? If not, could you have a centralized drop-off location, aka EcologyAction in Austin. How far do you have to haul these materials?

- Beth

David Beebe said...

No central drop-off point for residents st this point. Looking at potentially contracting with neighborhood/street blocks if they manage thier own points. I have learned that drop off points lead quickly to dumping and I'm not up for policing any of that. More good news- Presidio County in interested in firing up county-wide recycling next budget cycle (this time next year) I tmay fall partially on me to design a feasible program to link the N and S county efforts. DB