Sunday, November 29, 2009

Coming back to blog for a while

I haven't blogged in ages. Too much to say, too busy to write. I'll sum up the last 9 months in the following paragraph.

We opened the club. It's busy and going well. Lots of cooking. Equal drinking. City council is relatively stable; the city is in the black slightly. Moved into a house and parked the Airstream. Will be moving back into Airstream in Feb after I overhaul it a bit. Tied up some loose ends in general but not all. Created a few more loose ends. Gained weight, lost weight. Hair is very long. Will continue to grow it until it's long enough to donate to the Locks of Love (10 inches all around). Got another 9 months plus to go- driving me crazy- reminding me of how lucky I really am. Determined to travel more and work less; 2010 will be the year. Found out I still, after all these years, like girls for real- another problem. Blood pressure is slightly up even with meds; addressing that with exercise and diet. Club is open 6 days a week. The only thing I do in Marfa is work minus an occasional dinner party or lunch. Decided I will run for re-election next May when my term is up- not gong to be easy, I think. Played some music with The Conrads for a three show set- we're going to do a lot more from now on- it was altogether great. My Brown Suburban (the Brown Chariot) is really pretty worn out- to the point that I think I need a new highway car- like a diesel Mercedes from the 80's in better shape than the one I have. No money for that right now.

That's it for the last 9 months. Right now I'm in Austin on a rainy day drinking coffee after a really fun wedding of my friends Jeremy Radcliffe and Linsay Brauchle. It was great to see all my old Houston buddies from that crew. We played some music and danced and shot the bull until late in the night. It was at a ranch in Round Top- very beautiful. The skies were overcast and there was a breeze- actually perfect weather for this time of year. I was a little chilly in the night but I believe the whiskey kept me from freezing. I didn't bring a jacket because I flew from El Paso to Austin and was determined to travel light. I'll be in Austin for the next day and a half before returning to El Paso and then Marfa. Getting out of Marfa every so often is very important- and logistically somewhat difficult, so to leave for only a 24 hour trip is really kind of foolish. I really have no real business in Austin, minus seeing a friend tomorrow, but am here just for a breather before heading back to work. The holidays are ahead. Way too soon for that.

I have a feeling that the decisions that I make and that are made for me in the next 6 months will determine the next three years. That's not a very comfortable feeling; it makes it all the more important that I really pay attention.

That's it for now- Happy Sunday!- David