Thursday, April 19, 2018

Notes on Marfa City Council Candidate Forum 7:00 PM Wednesday April 18, 2018.

Here are my notes on a fast moving and productive Candidate Forum for Marfa City Council candidates. The upcoming election has three seats up for grabs. The top three vote getters will take the seats for a two year term. There are seven candidates with one incumbent (Manny Baeza) who was elected for the first time in 2008. That was the same year I was first elected to council. I served three terms and then decided to go for a County position due to the dysfunction of the County at that point. I believe in self-imposed term limits. Not for overall public servant careers, but for individual positions within public service. That Manny is in his tenth year of service is both a plus and a minus. He has done an excellent job, and we have not always agreed on everything, but no matter. I found myself during this forum listening to his responses and thinking I would have responded the exact same way to each question. Is this an endorsement? No, but it isn't a snub either. But it may show that those who go throw the same experiences see the same answers.
I am overly grateful that, for the first time in my history here, we have more excellently qualified candidates running for essentially unpaid service positions with the City than ever before. It's the best possible "problem" to have.
Please vote!
If you are looking for a recording of the forum in its entirety, Marfa Public Radio orchestrated one (following some considerable probably unnecessary controversy) and it should be on their website at

Notes begin below.

Notes on Marfa City Council Candidate Forum Wednesday April 18th, 2018.
USO Building 7:00 PM

Candidates present : Buck Johnston, Natalie Melendez, Saarin Keck, Mary Lou Saxon, Manny Baeza (incumbent), Raul Lara, . Absent: Alberto Garcia

Convene at 7:06 PM.
Trey Gerfers introduces the candidates 

Candidates get three minute introductions.

There will be Five questions from moderator Trey Gerfers to follow.

Buck Johnston: 
Thanks organizers and attendees. Says Marfa is the best town in America. Homeowner and business owner. Strong opinion that citizens contribute to the city. Created, chamber member for three years, Election judge, co founder of Design Marfa, runs Bike Marfa, expanding to 20 bikes soon. Additional items listed. 
She is interested in hearing new ideas, anywhere. She is a hard worker and gets stuff done. Supports others in their success. She loves this town. 

Raul Lara: Born in Alpine, raised in Marfa since 1970. Shorthorn alum 1986. School board elected 1984. Loves Marfa. Former councilmember. He loves Marfa. Streets are bad. Council needs help. Taxes are paid, streets are really bad. Beautiful city, it's embarrassing. He is blunt and honest. Asks for consideration.

Saarin Keck: Thanks audience. Co-owner of Pizza Foundation. Moved her in 2002 to open a neighborhood pizza place. Has employed close to 200 people, most high schoolers. Watched them all grow up, considers them as close as family. 
Experienced first hand rise in property values when looking for a new location. Wants to give back to the community that has given to her. Chamber board member, active with school in the past. Brings business experience. Knows a broad spectrum of the people here. Has an understanding of what would benefit the city. Asks for support.

Natalie Melendez: Says she has lived here six years. Worked many jobs. Dougherty of a Salvadoran refugee and an Iranian social work oriented attorney. Has been involved in civil liberties and prisoners rights programs. Has worked with high schoolers with digital right and freedom of speech issues. Many jobs here in Marfa. Currently works four jobs. Running for city council because she wants to be a representative for the people. Compassionate listener, pragmatic and great concern for public welfare.

Mary Lou Saxon: Thanks audience. 7 year resident, formerly of Dallas. Citizens here are privilege to have many great resources. Marfa is divided though, and there are issues. City Council must represent everyone equally. Recent property tax increases have hurt all. Tax values were overdue for a rise, and property tax increases are on everyone's mind. City is not to blame, but city must be involved in helping citizens survive here. Wealth transfers from lucrative events should be considered and affordable housing needs to be addressed. A well run council is a must. Excited about the new administrative on, wants to assist and contribute.

Manny Baeza: Employed by AEP, has been on city council for the past ten years. Has seen the city be in terrible shape. Ten years ago the finances were in a shambles. We have come a long way since then. He has been involved in infrastructure replacement projects. Is aware about the streets and we need to address them now. Patching is not cutting it. We need to investigate buying an asphalt zipper and try to do streets in house. Council has been fiscally conservative over the last ten years. Audits have never been adverse in his tenure.  He is also the President of the Parks and Rec dept. many accomplishments and lists them. Marfa cleanup of debris in dirty lots and the creeks is very important. Encourages volunteering and says it should be considered a duty

Question One
What are the most pressing issues during the campaign?

Raul Lara: Homestead property tax exemption on the city's side is not maxed out. Needs to be raised to help the elderly, indigent. 

Saarin Keck : Roads. Her car needs an undercarriage overhaul because of the roads. Sees Council moving that direction to rebuild the roads. Cemeteries cannot receive free or reduced water, but city needs to find a way to assist them.

Natalie Melendez.: Big concern about affordable housing, housing displacement. Huge issue and huge undertaking but she thinks there is a way to start addressing this. A start would be to try to help clear titles. Housing program with experts in building or encouraging affordable housing. City may also be able to help differing cross sections of the population get along better. Senior programs, youth programs.

Mary Lou Saxon: Agrees with homestead exemption, street repair, and the things she brought up in her intro. Long term planning and budgeting for long term street maintenance programs after rebuild. City budget needs to consider everyone.

Manny Baeza: streets are number one. Parking ordinances- setback at intersections for better line of sight clearance for parking. 

Buck Johnston: advocates homestead exemption for people under 65 and larger for seniors. Affordable housing is the biggest issue. Must be addressed. Has been involved in a proposal already for a non profit housing effort trying to build one house. Did not get the land, but there is a way to do this. County has properties, commissioners are discussing auction
We can, as a city, try to get those and build or partner. 
Teamwork is the only way this will work. Experience in affordable housing. Need 30 plus units to really make an impact.
Marfa Shorthorn water tower needs to be repainted. It's faded and needs to be refurbished, for maintenance and pride issues.

Question 2: cost of living, what is city's role and your ideas?

Saarin: agrees it's difficult and we have to try to find a way to get something built. Possibly try to get some very precise legislation passed to help us use some of the hotel motel money to provide housing for hotel employees. 

Natalie.:  Clawing titles is a start. Immediate results possible. Public education series would be effective in gathering community momentum and awareness. Affordable housing is a long term undertaking. Marfa has creativity and vision. Families who have been here should be able to stay.

Mary Lou.: City keeping its own costs down could help homeowners. People coming to mor meeting DNA sharing information could really help us get ideas and momentum. 

Manny.: County would need to be involved. They have the land needed. City could annex and provide services for development. 

Buck.: Manny is right. City must work with county. Tax credits not available for government entities, private developer needs to be brought in to partner. Need bid solutions, ten units are not enough. Eighty percent of Hotel Saint George employees live in Alpine. There is some outside interest from developers to do this but it has to be a team effort .

Raul.:  Must be a team effort between all three taxing entities. Need to bring them all together and find common ground. This is a beautiful community. This room is full. He would like to see every council meeting full.

Question three

Property tax. Nineteen percent of taxes are city of marfa. Is this fair? Remedies?

Natalie. Says that transparency is a good start as to why the taxes are increasing and so high.

Mary Lou.  Housing taxes did not go up for years and got out of adjustment. The adobe addition to taxes may need to be revisited. Her own property taxes have more than doubled. Every taxing entity needs to hold their costs down. 

Manny.  Property values had not been raised in years. Long termers have been challenged by rising taxes and have no intention to leave. Some of these are fair and some are not. No certain remedy for high sales prices.

Buck. Agrees with Manny. Town hall on property taxes would be a good start. Invite certain educated people and leaders to show light, bring discussion. Remedies are unknown at this point. 

Raul. A start is a homestead property tax exemption on the city side. Like the school district. A start.

Saarin. Spends a great deal of time contesting her taxes every year. Takes this personally. Property taxes have been going up and the taxing entities do not lower their rates even when they have an opportunity for lesser spending. Appraisals go up without regard to rhyme or reason. Method needs to be completely overhauled to reflect renovations or lack thereof, etc. State of Texas has set the rules for the most part. 

Question four 
Youth programs, activities?

Mary Lou. Knows that parks dept has done a great job improving parks. Our  REC center could be used for activities for children.

Manny. Says we have come a long way since he was a kid. Parks have made huge pride. Swimming pool is on good shape, but maybe add an after school pr gram like ten years ago. Program was cut, maybe bring something back. Art classes are available but we could add more. MAC center basketball area not being used. 

Buck. Would love for Marfa to have a skate park. Skateboarding has been popular in the past. Great activity for kids. Gives example of having a skate park in the middle of town would allow children to be seen. Not much for kids to do here. Possibly built on donations. Tony Hawk foundation has detailed ways to build them, several builders are willing to partner.

Raul. Mentor program for kids would be great. Many kids only have single parents, could use an older mentor. Kudos to Chinati for their programs but there can be more.

Saarin.   Has a different perspective. Has young kids begging for work at the pizza place. These kids have bills like phones, games and are itching to be able to have their own money. Programs at the school to work in food prep or at the Nutrition Center. Sports and Art programs ar already good. Kids want some money.

Natalie. Loves the idea of a skate park. Thinks the MAC building could be an immediate resource for programming and possible grants. Read marfa and Chinati do a great at job, but the building could host programs on a variety of subjects. A great multi use building. Having children volunteer there with the seniors would be a great idea. 

Question five. What do you love about Marfa and why are you running?

Manny.   People here are the greatest. People wave and the people who were brought up here were raised to be friendly. He is proud to be a member of council, lives the city. He wants to complete the job he has done so far and there are some good things. The Nutrition Center is a great example of a program that might have been cut back ten years ago, has been a great success for our seniors. 

Buck. Love the people. This is the best town in the country. Buildings and light here are great and people take pride in this community. Marfa is special and that's one of the reasons she is running. Thinks we have enough festivals, they may be draining us and are hard on the community. Wants to keep this place special.

Raul. Marfa is his heart. Since being a child. Loves the people. It is safe, people eaten out for each other, can walk the streets at night safely. Appreciated you vote consideration, could add pizzazz to council meetings. 

Saarin. Marfa is a special place. Enjoying living here and having youth employees has kept her and Ronnie youthful. It's a great community. People help each other, day or night. This is not present everywhere. In reality this is the nicest thing about being here. Knowing people's business is annoying at times but it keeps people looking out for each other since they know what's going on. What to be on Council to keep people's voice s heard.

Natalie. This election has literally opened more doors to her at people's homes. Loves the community and the people and the diversity and variety but also the shared culture. Loves that listening is key to being on Council. Really wants to be on it. 

Mary Lou. So grateful for being here for seven years. Wants to give back. Low key environment for productive relaxing activities. Tourists are second to residents in importance. Thinks she can deliver issues to council for the people. 

Audience questions. 

Bob Schwab
Brings up Homestead exemption. No matter which three get elected there are six excellent candidates here. Outstanding answers and great ideas. However, there is a balancing act between keeping taxes low and providing services. Nutrition center program is much smaller than it used to. Council cannot set property tax rates, the market sets those rates. Over the last years city taxes have been raised right below rollback trade and service fees have been raised. Not a lot of return on investment. There has been a big explosion in administration on the city. What can you do to help?

Buck asks for specifics. 
Schwab says how can you better balance giving better service with less overhead? Gives poverty stats in Marfa, which are very high. 
How do you ensure administrative costs go down? He sees a problem with the structure of the system. 

Mary Lou. Says she is not sure about this, but she supports the new city manager's ideas. She is unsure there are easy answers. Los Angeles is having the same type of problem on a grander scale. Maybe our small size can allow us to come up with answers. No answer will be easy.

Buck.  Many conversations about this. Supports our new city manager. Encourages budget sessions and the process to have input and understand where the money is going. One thing is investing in renewable energy for starters, to save money. She h run the numbers on solar installations on city properties. Over twenty years could save a half million dollars. 

Raul. Administrative costs are too high. City administrator came in at 125,000. Very steep for one of the poorest counties in the State. 
Some positions may be able to be squeezed. We have our work cut out for us.

Saarin. Used to be two people in city hall, now many more. New city manager has undertaken a comprehensive look at job descriptions, qualifications and pay rates. Long term this is major progress. 

Natalie supports the new administrator. New Mayor is educating public in city government structure and role. Educating the public is first, them opening a forum for ideas.

Manny. Says gas prices are high because cost of replacing pipes is high, nearly done. Required by state regulations to replace the whole system. Also we're locked into a contract for gas that is finally expiring. Should see some relief soon. 

Rudy Garcia: wants to ask about affordable housing and the homestead exemption. His taxes went up 300%. He was motivated to investigate the appraisal district. Completely irrational methods, no rhyme or reason. Way off. 
Says some taxpayers are getting homestead exemptions for all entities. Exemptions are being granted in ways that are not equitable. People that have higher valuations are paying less because of the way they are granting exemptions. 
How do you propose to finance such affordable housing projects? 
Trey Gerfers says that most of his question is a county and appraisal district issue t candidates can answer the affordable housing issue. 

Buck says that the homestead exemption can encourage people to not do the Air B and B option with their houses. 
As for the affordable housing, besides cooperation from entities, an investor who can get tax credits will be needed. Tax credits are a must to build really anything these days. 

Mary Lou.  Affordable housing. Land location is very important.

Natalie. Clearing titles is first step, perhaps a non profit investment group come in to help get properties. 

Robert Arber question 
Has had trouble talking with council members. Sometimes it is hard to find the person, is there a way to have "office hours" for council members? 

Saarin.  Says she has always  had city council cell numbers and has always called . Maybe there is room for that, but she would be fine with giving out her cell phone if elected. 

Raul.  Says yes, absolutely willing to do that.

Buck. Says that as an elected official she says that she would be available as part of the role and job as a public servant. Come see here anytime. 

Natalie.  Does not recommend coming to her jobs, as they are hectic, but comping to her door at the house would be fine. Available for input at any time possible. 

Mary Lou.  Thinks citizen input is key. Encourages for people to speak at public comment period as that is a great time to put comments out for community conversation. 

Manny.  Likes the idea of a certain time to talk about issues at the Casner Room. Cell calls are important as well. 

What would any of you do to rein in our police force? Thought the County's force was bad, but it is much worse now that the mayor has created her own force. Also, our zoning ordinance is ridiculously exclusionary for new housing and infill.

Saarin. Zoning.  In terms of property tax our zoning code hearts some people. Our zoning board needs to revisit.
Says that she spoke up about not having a police force at all, and the sherif is required to come and other law enforcement agencies can assist. Police force would be unnecessary. Also understood that the police would be smaller. Environments of police state is alarming.

Buck.  Thinks hiring Chief Marquez was a great decision. It is taking him time to get his officers to be more like him. She has an issue with the traffic tickets, too many. We have many State Troopers already pulling people over one every highway. Hurting tourism revenue. Council needs to have a discussion about this come budget time. Police are doing a great job with family violence and the school, but ticketing is overkill. 

Natalie says her understanding is that the police force would be more for oversight. They do have a great response to calls and there are ways to make a complaint, so that s great. Community is over policed  but the marfa PD is providing good service but we should have continual conversations about it. 

Mary Lou. Says that she thinks the police dept has been a successful venture and should always be evaluated.

says he is a great supporter of the Marfa police and they are doing abreast job at the school and with the citizens. The tickets given are for ten mph over the limit and more. I know it seems like  have a lot of police around here but the size of our force is appropriate for the city. 
Zoning board is meeting more and getting things down as far as progress. 

Raul.  Says police are needed. It's a Catch twenty two. His brother was on patrol for they yards and say a lot. Presence is welcome. 

Melissa .
Amtrak stop thoughts?

Buck. Says that she was motivated by the effort to bring this to Marfa. She has been working on this with others. Railroad is smart travel and efficient. Having a train stop makes Marfa a little easier to get to, which is a double edged sword. 
Would live to have a public hearing on this, need to discuss this as a community. 
Went into this totally pro, now interested in feedback.

Raul. Says it can stay in Alpine.

Saarin. Says she would assume the stop in Alpine would be eliminated. No, Sanderson stop would be eliminated. Saarin has no opinion other than talking about it more.

Natalie. Says she will need more time to study.

Mary Lou. Has been pro train and agrees with Buck that more input is needed. There are ways to make the stop for us, by us, and have great design, be an amenity.

Manny.  Says Fowlkes Cattle yard area have two tracks, could really work well. We could bus them in to the hotels. 

Buck.  Says train can stop without two tracks, but need to avoid Alpine station. 

Happy to see diversity of candidates. We have high expectations based on your statements. 
Concern is adobe valuations. Connection of culture, land, history. Have been in conversation with appraisal district for months. 
Adobe is in crisis, faces the future of the city. 
Regarding affordable housing, golf course County land. Feels that everything here now is taken from the older families and given to the newcomers. 
Says that he can offer to teach kids how to make an adobe building. 
Housing problems need to be faced and this can be offered to the city by him.
 Not a question, comment.

Event ends at Eight fifty two. 

Notes on Presidio International Port Authority Meeting Monday April 16th, 2018, 4:00 PM, Presidio, TX

The Port Authority has not been meeting often and should be meeting much more often in the future. It's my opinion that this is the most important project that Presidio County is involved in. It is complex, confusing, and the stakes are very high. Let's hope our leadership leads us towards success in this matter. I will continue to make an effort to cover these meetings. Please attend if possible.

Here are my notes for this meeting-

Presidio International Port Authority Meeting, Monday April 16, 2018, 4:00 PM, Presidio County Annex, Presidio.

Present: County Judge Cinderela Guevara, Jim White III, Mayor John Ferguson. Also present: director Jake Giesbrecht, County Atty Rod Ponton, Presidio city administrator Joe Portillo, tourism director Brad Newton. 
Additional director Alcee Tavares is in his way. Arrives at 4:09 PM.

Meeting convened at 4:14 PM

Public Comments:
Brad Newton commends the group.

Communication from County Judge: meeting with TXDOT and construction contractor. Judge has not yet seen the bridge activity, would like to go soon. 
Ferguson says they have staged equipment. 
Brad Newton says there was a short meeting with the earth movers and project manager. 
Nate Ferris. 
Will get started on the 23. 
Jake says that Nate is waiting on a couple of things before beginning. 
Once construction starts Judge would like a weekly report from Jake.
Joe Portillo says there are steps being taken for a master roster of people allowed near the site. 
Brad Newton says the PMDD reached a lease/purchase agreement with Herman Acosta and Ismael Lara for a concrete plant. 
Ponton met with Tyron Lewis from TXDOT and some folks from Alpine. Lewis expressed continued support for the port project. 
Meeting with Liz Grindstaff of Texas Pacifico 
Said she had units from Mexico to speed up rail bridge construction.

Communication from Presidio Mayor: concrete plant coming. Visited with Solitaire and expansion is underway.
Jim White says that all this information should, in the future, be funneled through Jake G. Rather than individuals reports. 

Item 6: approval of minutes from last meeting.
Minutes are not ready, County Clerk Pallarez says she is not able to take on this job. White motions to postpone the minutes. Unanimous

Item 7:
Report from port director Jake Giesbrecht.
Written report, oral report information on meeting with State of Chihuahua about coordinating with the farmers to get everything going. 
Positive news from the coordinators. 
New NAFTA negotiations underway and include these people, say things are going Ellie to make this port a very important one for agriculture. 
About ten groups of farmers will be represented , each with their own leader.
Mexican side is ready, enthusiastic. 
New Mexico is building a new port. Cooperating with them, despite being in competition. Sharing data, methods.
Kiki Armedariz, produce broker out of Dallas is getting involved. Getting on same page.
Alberto Morales is in charge of all the ports of entry in Mexico, Jake told him that the Mexican agricultural inspection committee out of Mexico City is not yet involved directly. Put pressure on him. Complicated issue. Looking at doing a joint USDA/Mexican inspection station, on this side of the border. 

Joint inspection facility will help us bypass monopolistic laws from yesteryear still in the books. Will help us in the long term, looks possible. 

Unified inspection program slated for three more locations after the first one is built. 

Lab test facility (punto de verification) is a requirement. Chemical and physical testing in a quick, methodical manner in order for produce to pass.

Ferguson wants to know what the Hangup on this is. Financial? Logistical?
Jake says this is what we really need to deal with. Establishing labs and refrigeration services.
This infrastructure project is not an overnight thing. Bridge has to come in, buyers and sellers organized, them build the gate as the gatekeeper of the enterprise. These are previously somewhat uncharted waters with the USDA.
Jim white says it's hard to go four raccoons up one tree.
Jake says funding from project may come from United produce, international produce company. One stop shop wholesale produce distributor. Finance farmers and market product. Create the contracts.
Already have warehouses at six ports of entry. 
Say that since we have the P3 and 509 they are ready to get involved big time, get it going within months. 

Break at 4:47

Back after break, a little late. 
Appointment of member to board. 
Ponton has that County rep would appoint a member to the board after the term of a member expires. There is specific language regarding the replacement of the seat for Lorenzo Hernandez's term. Board would replace him and term would last until end of his unexpired appointed term. After that, term would end and Presidio County Commissioners Court would appoint a new member. PIPA board can appoint whomever to board for remainder of term. 
Jim White motions to accept Lorenzo Hernandez's resignation. 

Ponton says that appointment does not have to be a Commissioner, merely someone who lives in southern Presidio County. Some confusion and discussion. Ponton says that board should appoint someone today. White and Ferguson agree.
White says he has given this great thought. He thinks that board should appoint Isela Nunez. Jake says he has been approached by three people. Isela, Escontrias, Did not hear the other.
White says her expertise and n import and export is what the board needs. 
Alcee says his concern is that she already misses a lot of council meetings because of work, and he is not sue that's a good thing. Can she be here for meetings? 
Alcee recommends city admin Joe Portillo. White says he's already in the boat, would rather see another person who is not yet involved. 
Ferguson asks as to how much interest the new commissioner will have in these matters. Alcee says that will be part of his job. He needs to learn. 
Ferguson asks Portillo what he can do. Portillo says he is swamped but he will do whatever is needed. He says he will assist with or without the board appointment. 
Wants to defer to the director, Jake,  to what he wants to do. Isela has understanding of international trade law, she would be excellent. 
Judge seconds the motion to appoint Isela. 
White says before vote is done, he wants to know what he thinks. Jake Amy's he works well with her. John F says she is excellent. 
Vote is 3-1 for Isela. Ferguson dissents but peacefully. Yes he is willing to change his vote, wants to be sure she knows he is in support. Makes vote unanimous. 

Jake says that now that it's done he wants to remind the board that PIPA is half County half city. Alcee says that he was pushing for the commissioner since it is the County who is being represented. 

Treasurers Report: 
White says that we have 27,894.59. City of Presidio paid their pledge. Bulls have been sent to Presidio County three or four times. No response. Judge says it's budgeted, will be paid. Gave bill to Treasurer, she will find out what's going on. Sometimes bills are pulled. If so she will find out why.
Owe Jake 1,279.30 reimbursement for travel. Owe salary for Jan feb and March. Would like to pay bills now, including April salary coming due in 14 days. 
Two thousand per month salary.
Approved unanimously.

Item 10- future agenda items. Judge asks Jake. 
Jake would like to meet in a month, bring some people in to present. Judge says after May 22, right Mayor? Laughs.
Mayor says that hat if we need to meet within thirty days we can make it happen, despite runoff election. Asks Jake to set up a date. 
Ponton says that the group offering to finance the hospital in Presidio has expiring tax cuts they need to use. Also have exciting agricultural tax credits rfor ducking costs by twenty percent they are willing to do if PIPA wants them to do it.
Jake says that trying to get everybody together to get plans is the next priority. Need to work on this now. Ferguson says the cold storage facility is exciting. 
Cold storage and corrals in the same area. 
Jake says that cattle export into Mexico seems to be coming along, people are looking to help facilitate that on the Mexico side. 
Judge looks at having meeting following commissioners court in Presidio. Wednesday after Commissioners Court. 
White would like to have the meeting on the twenty fourth. Ponton prefers Wednesday thirtieth.
Meeting set for May thirtieth at eleven thirty AM. Following commissioners court.

Adjourn at five thirty one pm.

Notes on Presidio County a Commissioners Court Wed April 4, 2018, 9:30 AM, Marfa

Here are my notes on this meeting in Marfa of Commissioners Court.

Presidio County Commissioners Court meeting Wed April 4th, 2018, 9:30 AM

Commissioners present: Brenda Bentley, Judge Cinderela Guevara and Eloy Aranda. Absent: Loretta Vasquez

Meeting convened at 9:39 AM

Skip to Item 7: approve payroll: Feb 21 to present.
Discussion about pay for Good Friday holiday and holiday comp time. Jailers have to work. They get paid and they also receive holiday comp time at regular scale.

Motion by Bentley to accept. Unanimous.

Back to item 4: citizen comments- none

Item 5: announcements from Judge and commissioners.
Judge Guevara says that on the Candelaria project the bid date was extended but not published in the paper. Going to publish the next two weeks, April 5 and 12. Then bids can be accepted. 
US 67 corridor working program tomorrow in Alpine at Civic Center. 
Judge received a call from Mason Weems lauding the road and bridge crew for great road maintenance on his roads near his ranch. 
Commissioner Aranda says that he spoke with Ruben Carrasco about the new cutoff on Casa Piedra road. Road is ready and ready for commissioners court to accept it.  Judge is surprised that road is finished so quickly. 
County Atty Ponton updates Court about potential micro-hospital for City of Presidio. Ten bed, 16 million dollar price. Bank has preliminarily agreed to finance it. Doctors and nurses would be placed there on a rotating basis and Presidio EMS would be integrated into it. No County funds needed, City of Presidio would own it and lease it to an operating company. Hopefully self sustaining through billing. 
Will have ER and some beds  for people that need to stay for just a few days. 
Will save big on EMS transport costs. Rod says that offsetting EMS transport costs by about 800,000 per year. That can go to debt service for the hospital. 
Hospital will be modeled on a new micro hospital that has been built in Horizon City. 
Location as yet unknown based on operator land needs. Ponton says that there is land available and likely would come at no cost. Create approximately 100 jobs in Presidio. 
Good news, say commissioners. 

Item 6- approve minutes: Feb 14- question about license agreement with Richard Dockery. Judge has not signed anything. Ponton says he looked at agreement and it was standard agreement and OK. May have been executed. Virgie is not here to verify. Will look at what happened. 
Approve minutes with a few small changes.

Item 8: Trane courthouse AC contract. Ponton looked over contract, says that it's ok but needs annual approval instead of one three year approval.
Last contract was signed three years ago. 
Cobos says that this has cut down on emergency repairs. Saved us money and system is operating better. 
Approved unanimously

Item 9: executive session for personnel matters. Convene into executive session at 10:18 AM.
Judge motions to  
And motions to postpone n parks position until auditor gives an opinion on financial matters.

Item 10- Candelaria / Pueblo Nuevo water project bids: 
Need to approve a team for water project. Judge Guevara would like to be on that team. Judge Beebe would like to be on that team. Katie Sanchez says that we need a minimum of four members, only one from commissioners court.
Judge says that possibly a commissioner could do it instead of her. 
Judge Guevara, Judge Beebe and two more.
$397,000 construction grant. Trey Gerfers would be good, possibly County Atty Ponton as well, say commissioners.
This is to oversee construction part of projects. Evaluate bids.
Bentley moves to appoint Guevara, Beebe, Gerfers and Ponton to committee to design and approve bids. Second by Aranda.

Item 12: 
Approve addendum for TDA TCDBG for waste and sewer improvements in colonies of Candelaria and Pueblo Nuevo. Jerry Carvahal and Ramon Carrasco did the addendum to the project. Judge has questions. Wants to have a conference call in the future regarding any changes before commissioners meet so they can better understand. Summary included gives a decent overview of change orders. 
Judge still would like to have a conference call. 
Aranda says he prefers these change orders to happen before the projects start rather than after the projects are started. 
Judge motions to approve. 

Item 13:
RFQ for TAP grant projects for city of Presidio and Presidio County. 
Four different TAP projects 
Marfa street improvements : Columbia street bridge by school. 
Presidio: Bledsoe to OReilly connector
City of Presidio middle school route
another City of Presidio route.
 Judge says we need to postpone this item due to lack of RFQ for one engineer for all the projects. 
Ponton would like to approve. Judge says no, we are not ready.

Nine projects between the three agencies: 7 in Presidio and 2 in Marfa.
There will be one engineer for all nine projects. Unless TXDOT gets an engineer for two. We will still need one engineer for the other seven.
Aranda wants to know about match. 20% match from cities and county. State and Feds pay for the rest. Katie elaborates on due dates, etc.
Judge remembers back to April of 2015 when this first came up. Presidio County qualifies for poor county match. 
Katie says that some documents are not yet here on these projects.
We are behind in these projects. Need to finish by May 2019.
Bentley motions to postpone. Unanimous.

Item 14: vacant airport maintenance attendant position. Chase Snodgrass is here. Has a person to hire. Currently working. Make this official to reassign Salvador Hernandez from Parks N to airport. Judge motions to approve. Will become a full time position. 

Consent Agenda:

Auditor: budget amendments and line item transfers:
Patty Roach presents: 
JP2: fuel to office supplies. 
JP 1: education to capital for two new computers. 
Clerk: ballot box expense
Courthouse: service call for elevator and reinstall emergency phone. New chair for County Judge.

Aranda motions to approve.

Approved unanimously 

OMB report: inventory transfers. Six transfers
Two chairs to archives, typewriter. Judge beebe is interested in a transfer to his office.

JP 1 report approved
City of Presidio fire report: more detailed than in the past. New office manager. Plans to add more information as time goes forward. 
Aranda says that the City of Presidio is tightening up their reports as they plan to apply for the loans and grants for the new hospital. Also does EMS reports. 
Judge motions to approve fire and EMS reports. 

Adjourn at 11:58 AM.

Notes on Presidio County Commissioners Court Meeting Wednesday March 21st, 10:00 AM, Presidio

Here are my notes on this meeting held down in Presidio at the acounty Annex building.

Presidio County Commissioners Court Meeting Wed March 21st, 2018, Presidio County Annex, Presidio, 10:00 AM

Commissioners present: Brenda Bentley, Loretta Vasquez, Eloy Aranda, Judge Cinderela Guevara

Meeting convened at 10:12 AM

Public Comments: Tricia Runyon presents on behalf of the Historic commission. Asking county to approve payment of survey for Ruidosa church property. Survey complete, lines are a little different than believed. Slight encroachment problem with highway and Angell property. Bill is in Treasurer's office. 
Mike Green, architect, has moved to Seattle but will still be involved in this project.

Ramon Carrasco gives update on Candelaria water system project. Bids due last week, but two contractors requested for two week extension. TDA agreed, bids will now be due Wed. Three contractors will be bidding. Bids will go to OMB office of County.

Announcements: judge says she attended RGCOG. Agenda included US Border Master Plan. TXDOT was there. Got a tour of Fort Bliss, second largest base in the nation. 
Judge received letter from Armando Carrasco resigning from the Water district Redford water supply board. Says he is not eligible due to bylaws of board. 
Judge says she will have to see about bylaws and how a replacement president can be appointed. 
Barbara Baskin says that they have been trying to change bylaws for years. She disagrees with his assessment, but says he needed to get out of that position. Aranda says that Redford folks need to have control over their own bylaws, can change them if they want. Ramon Carrasco says he has a copy of those somewhere. 

Commissioners announcements: none

Skip to approval of payroll: 
Judge asks Frances Garcia about any anomalies in payroll. Frances says none. A few questions about comp time earned and Election overtime hours. 
New Deputy hired in Marfa. John Clark, formerly of Sul Ross PD.
Aranda moves to approve. Second by Bentley. Judge has question about bill for work done on elevator Telephone work. Nectar computing bill, Sam Cobos does not want to pay it. Frances Garcia will include it on the next bill. Tax office phone bill was $1500 plus, some other depts bills very high. Contract will ATT is up, charging us more for basic usage. Judge would like to see itemized bills when they are this high. 
Unanimously approved to approve payroll and bills.

Item 1- appoint Vicky Carrasco and Trey Gerfers to Underground Water District members

Judge introduces Trey Gerfers and Vicky Carrasco. Replacing James R. Mustard and Carlos Nieto. Board was having trouble getting a quorum. Both terms had expired. Candidates came to judge to solicit for appointment. 
Barbara Baskin wants to know what the qualifications are. Trey says none specified, and that having worked with other water districts, most of the time experts are hired. Says there is a a lot of work to be done in Presidio County. Says that with him on it, communication will improve, more data will be required to be gathered. 
Taxing water districts have monitoring wells. Monitoring wells must be in good condition but no water can be drawn from them. Goes on to reflect the research he has done on this. Much information from Mr Gerfers. Will report often to commissioners court, and will be suing for more money. Judge says last year budget was $18,000. General manager needs to be hired. Two candidates are willing and would not be relying on this for sole source of income. Need to hire an attorney to get rules up to date. Training for board members needed as well. 
TWDB has State divided into sectors. We are in Sector four. Have not been attending meetings of State Board. Need to begin attending so that concerns and need can be addressed. 
Judge asks Trey to explain what almost happened to Middle Pecks Water District in last Legislative Session. Clayton Williams group got San Antonio rep Lyle Larson to file a bill to disband or reorganize district because they have had a long disagreement about selling water. Million dollar budget, as a taxing entity. Eleven members who are elected serve on that board. City of Ft Stockton and Pecos County represented. 
Williams Co wanted to export water by pipeline. Have a permit for a historic use of 48,000 acre feet annually. Permitted for agricultural use. Williams wanted to sell water to city of Odessa. Legal fight. Larson bill asked State Sunset Commission to abolish district. Bill did not make it, but existence of bill poses a threat to future water district powers. 
Says board has a lot of work ahead of them; he is willing to do it. 
Aranda asks about future budgeting and trying to get the cities of Presidio and Marfa to assist in funding. Trey says he does not know, but wants to get regional cooperation from stakeholders. 
Midland exemption from Chapter 36 applies to cities of Presidio and Marfa.
Beebe says that City of Marfa had agreed, after disagreeing about cooperating with district, to cooperate and have a James R Mustard serve on board as a rep for the city. Unsure as to whether that vote that was taken back 5-6 years ago needs to be renewed or is still valid. 
Barbara Baskin asks when the city of Presidio became subject to groundwater controls. Trey says unknown, Sentinel had an article back in 2013 referencing it but unsure. 
Trey says the whole thing is a regional water issue and much work need to be done insofar as communication and trying to build a coalition. 
Tricia Runyon says she is grateful to hear the explanation from mr Gerfers. Thank him for the work he has done and plans to do.
Says he is happy to help inform people via an email list of people are interested.
Judge thanks him for being here.
Judge motions to appoint Vicky Carrasco and Trey Gerfers. Unanimous.

Budget amendments: none
Line item transfers: Marsha Nickell presents for auditor. District court supplies. VA officer to by some flags in preparation for Memorial Day. 

Aranda motions to approve. Second by Vasquez. Unanimous.

OMB dept: projects and property transfers. Katie Sanchez says that contracts are mostly gathered and will need to be approved by Court before budget time. Several missing from airports (old contracts) and one from PISD. 
County owned property: been researching, lots of discrepancies, but gathering data. Titles may be in County's name, but multiple tax entities will get distributions. Title work will be costly, but Jeannie Hall is educated on this stuff, having worked for abstract company, and will save the County a lot of money. There are firms that, once properties are properly categorized and titled will sell them off. Might be best option.
Some properties we are already utilizing for County have title and boundary issues as well. 
Goal is to dispose and get them back on tax rolls. Inventory on County's books is misstated due to unknown properties. Large job, going to be a long haul, but will get it done.
192 properties possibly. Some are duplicates, some are misstated as far as size, etc. 
Judge Guevara has a meeting with a company referred by Perdue to help with disposing of properties. Much like a real estate marketer.
Aranda is interested in making this happen. 
Katie says most properties are in South County.
Lori Walmart from Perdue is assisting. Used to work for abstract company as well. 
Valuations of properties are also way off. PCAD will assist with reappraising.
Vasquez is interested in the fee amounts this company will charge. Bentley says it's a percentage of a sale amount, to the best of her recollection. Judge invites Vasquez to the meeting she is having with the firm.
Sanchez says that PCADs records are not complete, as per what they submitted to the County. Courthouse is not even included as titled to County. 

Budgets for departments will start going out soon for dept heads to review. 

Adjourn at 11:13 AM

Notes on Presidio County Commissioners Court Meeting Wed March 14th, 9:30 AM, Marfa

Here are my notes from this meeting.

Presidio County Commissioners Court Regular Meeting 03-14-2018 9:30 AM, Marfa

Commissioners present: Loretta Vasquez, Brenda Bentley, Eloy Aranda, Judge Cinderela Guevara. 

Also present County Attorney Rod Ponton

Meeting convened at 9:45 AM

Public Comments: Mona Garcia and Virginia Platt: Marfa History Club. Will be restarting. Robert Arber and Virginia Platt are new members of the County Historical Commission. Presidio County is one of the most historic Counties in Texas. 
Mona joined Historical commission in Jan 2013. In the last five years many historic items have been identified and preserved since then. Invites public to contact her about historic property in Presidio County. Marfa History Club will be reorganized and will meet at 7 PM on the last Tuesday of every month at Building 98. Club was formed in 1899. Public is welcome and invited. Judge says that the meeting last night was fascinating, amazing stories and items of interest. Judge encourages everyone to join the History Club. March 27th at Building 98.

Judge's comments: another meeting next week on the 21st for payroll and water conservation district. New members of water district will be appointed. Planning on hiring a new manager at April 6 meeting. CC meeting will be in Presidio. Ponton says he will not be able to make this meeting. Bids on Candelaria project turned in yesterday, but Ramon Carrasco asked for an extension since only one bid was turned in. 
Commissioners comments: none

Minutes: Bentley says there are some typos on Feb 21 meeting. Feb 14,21 and March 8 meetings up for approval. Virgie will correct typos. 
Judge cell phone rings, she takes phone call. 
Judge motions to table until corrections made.

Presentation by Buck Hamilton, Homeland Security Agent, on security of County properties. Judge asked him to come and advise for an active shooter scenario. 
Busk is stationed in El Paso and covers westernmost counties in the State. Delivered a report to the County in Feb of last year after a survey of property. Not an official assessment. Survey just evaluates the existing resources and infrastructure. 
Survey compares us with similar facilities. Our courthouse was compared to 88 other courthouses nationwide.

Virgie returns with correction to minutes. 

Average score was 48.5, Marfa courthouse was substantially lower. Also, resilience was evaluated, average score 32.8, Marfa 24.6. 
Preparedness, mitigation measurements and responsiveness were evaluated. 
Buck has some options for consideration. 
County should devise a plan on what it wants to do. Risk is made up of threat times vulnerability times consequence. Reduction of any of these factors can reduce the risk equation. 
County's risk tolerance is a factor. Historic courthouse limits a lot of possibilities. 
Types of threats are varied, probability of certain threats over others must be considered. 
Security tactics: deter attacks, detect attacks, delay the attacker, response to attacks. 
When spending money , questions must be addressed as to why you are spending it. 

Three  parts as to security solutions, electromechanical, people, and policy/procedures. Each has a cost.
Marfa courthouse has 36 identified vulnerabilities. 
Biggest vulnerability is no security plan, action plan, emergency action plans. Many vulnerabilities can be solved by addressing this alone. Business continuity plan as well. 
Plans do not have to be extensive. Basic plans for different events being developed can result in overall comprehensive plans. 

 Had to leave meeting for phone call from jail at 10:20 am.

Returned at 10:23.

Buck says written plan is not as important as discussion about what to do in an emergency between the people on site. 

Judge thanks Buck for presentation. 
Gary Mitschke asks for guidance as far as formats to follow for implementing. 
Buck says there are some but it's not so much the written plan as much as it's about creating a one page for each incident to start, then larger plan encompassing more will come more naturally and make sense. 
DHS Hometown Security is an online resource.

Panic buttons in Presidio County courthouse annex not yet installed; needs to be addressed now. 
Buck says that panic button devices need a practice run with regard to how to respond. Stresses constant reevaluation of overall situation regarding security. 

Judge wishes for a hand or body language signal system for communication in case of danger. Ladders for courthouse need to be trained on and practiced.
Frances Garcia asks about ladder installation. Sam Cobos says that installing ladders will require boxes to be built below the windows. Historic commission will have a recommendation on that, Cobos has not yet followed up but will. 
Virgie says that during elections two men got locked into the courthouse after hours. Kathy Zavala was here and they knocked on her door, scared her very badly and she was by herself. 

Five minute break at 10:36.
Reconvene at 10:55 AM.

Item 8:  Financing for Presidio County Jail HVAC system redesign and rebuild. Ponton says it's a five year contract, standard. Ponton says if the terms are acceptable to County and jail admin then they should go ahead. Payments will need to be approved yearly. 
Patty Roach says there is a letter from County Attorney that need to be prepared and enclosed as well. Judge says she sees a few things she needs to sign once approved, if approved. 
Resolution is done.
Normal forms need to be filled out by officials. 
108,000 due at signing. 
Payments will be due on the 20th of March each year. County can pay off early in 2021 for the thousand dollar discount if they want to. Total is 800,000 dollars for whole project. Half million will be borrowed. 
Contractor will wait until Sheriff gets back to them about work schedule. Will jail be emptied or worked on in sections? Unknown. Sheriff is not here to answer questions, also question about where a transformer can be placed. Once Sheriff responds plans will be submitted to County for Commissioners Court approval. Jail says they will not be laying off staff, jail will be fully staffed regardless of project. 
Backup generator will be ordered, may increase time for project completion.
Cobos says that Gracie says that jail can be run in quadrants. Only security issue is around the recreational area. 
 Big Bend Telephone will wire their system in tandem. 
Judge motions to approve financing contract. 
Ponton adds subject to reauthorization annually.

Item 9: airport credit card terminal annual service contract. 
Chase says we have been doing this for years but this is the first time to present it to Commissioners Court. Written agreement approved by commissioners needs to be entered into. 24/7 Telephone support and device repair plan. Bill is now five months late. Chase uses this service often, it's must cheaper than an emergency service call. 50% reimbursable through RAMP grants.
$995 annual service plan for credit cards reader/vendor. 
Updates, some physical parts discounted, prepaid freight. Provides value to County according to Chase.
Marfa airport only. 
Judge asks for Ponton's advice on this. Ponton begins to read it over. Ponton says it's not a problem as long as it's good with Chase and only for twelve months.
Approved unanimously.
Patty Roach presents original for Judge to sign.

Item 10- executive session personnel matters at Airport. Convene at 11:18

Reconvene into regular session at 12:02 PM

Item 11- action on executive session; Commissioner Bentley motions to postpone the item. Unanimous.

Item 12- Burn ban reinstatement. Recommended by Gary Mitschke. Aranda motions to reinstate. 90 day term. Unanimous 

Item 13- auditor's report:
Patty Roach: 
Line item transfers and budget amendments. Patty says jail commissary funds audit. Has been done, sent to jail standards. Now present to Court. July 2016-July2017.
Feels that Sheriff's office met audit standards except to accept new bids for services. Overall very good audit. 
A few recommendations: statute says that bids must go out every five years for services. Has not happened since 2010/2011. Recommend going out for bids. That is a sheriff's office duty, not Commissioners Court. Inmate cash not properly secured when inmate booked into jail. Cash box inadequate, not locked. Recommend keeping it on locked box, deposit long term cash rapidly into bank. Weekly deposits. 
Three dormant inmate trust fund accounts from years back. No record of who it belongs to, must send back to the State as unclaimed funds. 
$44,000 approximately in old profits from commissary that needs to be transferred to Sheriff's account, by statute. Must confirm that these are actually profits.
TV purchase bought out of the wrong account accidentally. Will be remedied. 
Phone service: inmates can buy phone service through commissary fund. Or someone outside of the jail can purchase prepaid collect calls. Difference in where funds will be deposited to vis a vis County/ Jail Fund. Talk about property purchased with Commissary funds. Must stay for use by inmates or if sold, money must go back into inmate funds. Overall, a very good audit and jail and sheriff's department staff did a great job working on it. 

Questions about amendments and line item transfers:
Courthouse security amendment. Final salary came in FY 2018, needs to be amended. Funds are available. 
LEOS funds- Law Enforcement education funds from State. Fund balance is 3,229.04. Fund balance will be transferred to Sheriff's Office and Constable in Presidio. 
Funding this year is over 2,000. Requested to be transferred. 
Airport: 23,000 from airport fund and RAMP grant funds. Repairs to lighting, water apparatus at Marfa and rainwater catchment at Presidio airport. Fund balance is $33,000. Grant balance is adequate as well. Chase says that we neglected to budget for airport development projects this year and amount we would have was unknown. 
Intent was to use last year's surplus instead of this year's budget for this. Still up in the air as to whether the airport will need to pay back 40,000 plus in figurative escrow to general fund from years past.
Elections expense transfers. Minor money amounts related to running the elections and the upcoming elections. 
Judge motions to approve amendments. Separate motions for each. Also motion for jail audit. And line item transfers.

Treasurer's Report: Frances Garcia-
Bank reconciliations for 2017, receipts and bills. 
Bank recs are finished outside of general fund. Working on October. Caught up for FY 2017 otherwise. 
 Bentley motions to approve. Unanimous. Bills accepted in second motion.

Office of Management and Budget Report: 
Jeannie Hall presents. Contracts for new budget year for each department being developed. Aranda motions to approve. Unanimous.

Departmental Reports: 
Judge says that she does not have all the reports yet, only ones that were here before five today. Bentley says that the only report she has in packet is Road and Bridge. She only feels comfortable approving that one.  Judge says some reports are not in packets. JP pct one will present at next meeting as will County Clerk. 
All reports minus JP 1, clerks, Presidio fire and Presidio EMS and emergency management report. 
Bentley motions to approve all reports that are ready.

Gary Mitschke says that electrical project for generator at the MISD school may start this week. 

Adjourn at 12:45 PM.

Notes on Presidio County Commissioners Court Meeting March 8th, 9:30 AM, Marfa

Apologies  for not providing the agendas for these meetings. My scanner is not working properly. Agendas and officially approved Minutes for meetings may be accessed at the County website.

Here are the notes for this meeting-

Presidio County Commissioners Court meeting 03-08-18, 9:30 AM, Marfa

Present: Judge Cinderela Guevara, Commissioners Bentley and Vasquez. Absent: Aranda.

Meeting convened at 9:45 AM

Approving payroll: Feb 21 to present.
Dated March 6th
Talk about comp time liability. Unknown at present time.
Judge asks about a certain time sheet notation. Frances Garcia assists to explain. 
Bentley asks about Marco Baeza's time sheet. He has left the County recently. 

Bentley motions to approve payroll. Judge says that they also need to review bills prior to approving since agenda item is one. 
Bentley holds off on her motion. 
Redford center contract labor.
Brewster county employees are carried on Presidio county insurance for health-
Juvenile Probation dept members. Cheaper for them to be here because the rates in Brewster county are higher. But the health claims affects our rating. 
Discussion on how this started. Unknown but has been going on for a long time. 
Tri County Juvenile Probation agreement needs to be looked at.
Commissioners Court needs to decide what to do about this, Judge says. 
Ponton is curious as to whether the Juvenile Probation officers in larger counties work for the State or Counties. There is State funding, he is not sure how it's set up.
Judge motions to approve all claims and payroll as presented. Bentley seconds. Unanimous.

Vasquez has a suggestion for payroll. Advocates looking at other Counties for payroll approval processes. 
Worried that payroll may not be able to be approved in an emergency. Need a safety net for employees,  a way to have a payroll approved in case commissioners court is unable to meet. 
Ponton says he does not believe that would be legal. Says that budget is approved once and payroll is approved based on budget availability.
He does not think it's legal to approve payments without approval of commissioners. Thinks that payroll within budget constraints may be allowed. Other counties handle it by approving the payroll that's within the budget. Vasquez wants to do that, he says.
Treasurer Frances Garcia says that she was told that would be illegal. Ponton disagrees. More discussion.
Frances is going to training next month and will bring back fresh guidance on the topic. 

Public comments: Katie Sanchez says HVAC for jail will be here Tues and Wed to analyze. Orders will begin shortly. Two engineers and two contractors coming. 
Sam Cobos says that he checked with jail and they are ready for them.
Next week Big Bend Telephone will be coming to analyze installation of new communications system. 
Also alarm company coming next week. Spring break, going to be packed with tourists.
Maria is retiring from the County. At the end of the month.
Party for her on the 29th of March proposed.
Cobos says that maintenance position at jail will be posted in paper soon.

Virgie says that machines worked well in elections. Certain glitches, but now we know. County saved money in hires and time saved. Most ballots in Presidio were by hand.
Republican Party had early voting, but Todd Beckett did not provide ballots for Election Day. No Republican Party Election on Election Day. Very controversial. Virgie says that was Todd Beckett's decision. Lots of angry people. 
Judge says there are Republican voters in the County. Some people came up from Presidio to vote thinking there would be a republican table here, but there was not. 
Talk of having an accessible Precinct map available to both N and S County offices. 
Judge tells Cobos that we need to have some designated voter parking spots near the courthouse doors, and also ask employees to park elsewhere on voting days. 
Need more accessibility for the elderly and handicapped. 
Presidio needs more voting boundary and signage for voting.
Virgie thanks her staff for a great job. 
Machines are doing what they are supposed to be doing.

Judge announcements: congratulates everyone on elections. Says county is in good standing and we need to keep moving forward and things are getting big fast.

Vasquez says that he spoke to Ruben Carrasco about drainage next to cafeteria at school. Gonzales St. Hopefully get an interlocal agreement to fix this problem. Mostly a city issue but we can assist.

Adjourn at 10:35 AM