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Notes on Presidio County a Commissioners Court Wed April 4, 2018, 9:30 AM, Marfa

Here are my notes on this meeting in Marfa of Commissioners Court.

Presidio County Commissioners Court meeting Wed April 4th, 2018, 9:30 AM

Commissioners present: Brenda Bentley, Judge Cinderela Guevara and Eloy Aranda. Absent: Loretta Vasquez

Meeting convened at 9:39 AM

Skip to Item 7: approve payroll: Feb 21 to present.
Discussion about pay for Good Friday holiday and holiday comp time. Jailers have to work. They get paid and they also receive holiday comp time at regular scale.

Motion by Bentley to accept. Unanimous.

Back to item 4: citizen comments- none

Item 5: announcements from Judge and commissioners.
Judge Guevara says that on the Candelaria project the bid date was extended but not published in the paper. Going to publish the next two weeks, April 5 and 12. Then bids can be accepted. 
US 67 corridor working program tomorrow in Alpine at Civic Center. 
Judge received a call from Mason Weems lauding the road and bridge crew for great road maintenance on his roads near his ranch. 
Commissioner Aranda says that he spoke with Ruben Carrasco about the new cutoff on Casa Piedra road. Road is ready and ready for commissioners court to accept it.  Judge is surprised that road is finished so quickly. 
County Atty Ponton updates Court about potential micro-hospital for City of Presidio. Ten bed, 16 million dollar price. Bank has preliminarily agreed to finance it. Doctors and nurses would be placed there on a rotating basis and Presidio EMS would be integrated into it. No County funds needed, City of Presidio would own it and lease it to an operating company. Hopefully self sustaining through billing. 
Will have ER and some beds  for people that need to stay for just a few days. 
Will save big on EMS transport costs. Rod says that offsetting EMS transport costs by about 800,000 per year. That can go to debt service for the hospital. 
Hospital will be modeled on a new micro hospital that has been built in Horizon City. 
Location as yet unknown based on operator land needs. Ponton says that there is land available and likely would come at no cost. Create approximately 100 jobs in Presidio. 
Good news, say commissioners. 

Item 6- approve minutes: Feb 14- question about license agreement with Richard Dockery. Judge has not signed anything. Ponton says he looked at agreement and it was standard agreement and OK. May have been executed. Virgie is not here to verify. Will look at what happened. 
Approve minutes with a few small changes.

Item 8: Trane courthouse AC contract. Ponton looked over contract, says that it's ok but needs annual approval instead of one three year approval.
Last contract was signed three years ago. 
Cobos says that this has cut down on emergency repairs. Saved us money and system is operating better. 
Approved unanimously

Item 9: executive session for personnel matters. Convene into executive session at 10:18 AM.
Judge motions to  
And motions to postpone n parks position until auditor gives an opinion on financial matters.

Item 10- Candelaria / Pueblo Nuevo water project bids: 
Need to approve a team for water project. Judge Guevara would like to be on that team. Judge Beebe would like to be on that team. Katie Sanchez says that we need a minimum of four members, only one from commissioners court.
Judge says that possibly a commissioner could do it instead of her. 
Judge Guevara, Judge Beebe and two more.
$397,000 construction grant. Trey Gerfers would be good, possibly County Atty Ponton as well, say commissioners.
This is to oversee construction part of projects. Evaluate bids.
Bentley moves to appoint Guevara, Beebe, Gerfers and Ponton to committee to design and approve bids. Second by Aranda.

Item 12: 
Approve addendum for TDA TCDBG for waste and sewer improvements in colonies of Candelaria and Pueblo Nuevo. Jerry Carvahal and Ramon Carrasco did the addendum to the project. Judge has questions. Wants to have a conference call in the future regarding any changes before commissioners meet so they can better understand. Summary included gives a decent overview of change orders. 
Judge still would like to have a conference call. 
Aranda says he prefers these change orders to happen before the projects start rather than after the projects are started. 
Judge motions to approve. 

Item 13:
RFQ for TAP grant projects for city of Presidio and Presidio County. 
Four different TAP projects 
Marfa street improvements : Columbia street bridge by school. 
Presidio: Bledsoe to OReilly connector
City of Presidio middle school route
another City of Presidio route.
 Judge says we need to postpone this item due to lack of RFQ for one engineer for all the projects. 
Ponton would like to approve. Judge says no, we are not ready.

Nine projects between the three agencies: 7 in Presidio and 2 in Marfa.
There will be one engineer for all nine projects. Unless TXDOT gets an engineer for two. We will still need one engineer for the other seven.
Aranda wants to know about match. 20% match from cities and county. State and Feds pay for the rest. Katie elaborates on due dates, etc.
Judge remembers back to April of 2015 when this first came up. Presidio County qualifies for poor county match. 
Katie says that some documents are not yet here on these projects.
We are behind in these projects. Need to finish by May 2019.
Bentley motions to postpone. Unanimous.

Item 14: vacant airport maintenance attendant position. Chase Snodgrass is here. Has a person to hire. Currently working. Make this official to reassign Salvador Hernandez from Parks N to airport. Judge motions to approve. Will become a full time position. 

Consent Agenda:

Auditor: budget amendments and line item transfers:
Patty Roach presents: 
JP2: fuel to office supplies. 
JP 1: education to capital for two new computers. 
Clerk: ballot box expense
Courthouse: service call for elevator and reinstall emergency phone. New chair for County Judge.

Aranda motions to approve.

Approved unanimously 

OMB report: inventory transfers. Six transfers
Two chairs to archives, typewriter. Judge beebe is interested in a transfer to his office.

JP 1 report approved
City of Presidio fire report: more detailed than in the past. New office manager. Plans to add more information as time goes forward. 
Aranda says that the City of Presidio is tightening up their reports as they plan to apply for the loans and grants for the new hospital. Also does EMS reports. 
Judge motions to approve fire and EMS reports. 

Adjourn at 11:58 AM.

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