Monday, November 19, 2012

Future of Satellite Radio in my opinion

So, for now, Satellite radio is the hot deal. Lots of channels, can receive nationawide, $20/month, still has commercials, celebrity DJs. Ok, so that's all cool. The future of Satellite Radio is not bright. Stating it here: The future of radio is online streaming of stations- streaming in your car, streaming on your radio, cell phone, whatever. For the price of internet service, not an extra subscription of $20/month. It's already happening, but just wait until people actually figure out that their phone can stream and get hooked into their car stereo for nothing. It's coming... Sell your Sirius stock. -DB

Sunday, November 18, 2012

City work, trying to force relaxation upon myself, etc

It's chilly out here and I'm enjoying cool night in the Airstream. Now that I've extricated myself from my place of business, my apartment, and a multitude of other obligations, I'm looking up and still swamped. What to do? Besides the visions of furthering recycling in the region and working on more local government housecleaning and improvements, pretty much the future holds cooking and music, and hopefully not much else. Everything I own is no for sale minus my structures that I function within (Airstreams) and a couple of vehicles. I have to hold on to 2 drum sets, 2 bass rigs and some miscellaneous guitar/keyboard/etc equipment in order to function as an occasional "pro" musician, but the rest is up for grabs. Looking for approximately 3/4 of face value for people I know and market value for the rest. Anyway, I'm setting up a TV in the Airstream soon to try to force myself to go home and watch movies or whatnot at night. January 1 I'll be opening Boyz2Men tacos 4 days a week for a 2 month trial period and also be quitting drinking UNTIL Lent. that will work better for fun and relaxation for me this year, and will give me about 50 "dry" days during a busy work season. Although Marfa is DEAD during the early part of the calendar year, it's a great time to get ahead on building projects, long term planning [see Beebe- PadresMarfa, Jan-Mar 2009, Jan-Mar 2010, Jan- Mar 2011] and the like.
Goals for 2013-- Like everywhere else, austerity And peace and quiet And saying "No" while achieving in the ultimate in "Yes" And better fitness It's looking more and more like I have a five or so year game plan to reassemble my finances following the Padres armageddon and to, at the same time, build a giant platform of singularity upon which to do cash flow generating work from here on out. Solo (with help from friends) but SOLO. More good news- Andrew Gerfers (Conrads) is moving out here this week- means more music for me with someone I enjoy playing with. Bodes well for 2013... Lastly, I'm resolved to focus more and more on a vision for Presidio County as a single entity, with north and south county working together or in tandem, rather than is two separate fiefdoms. It's time...