Thursday, July 05, 2007 up and rocking

Hey y'all- I've been out of the blogging biz for a few months. My Apple laptop has been very ill and I've been online sparingly.
That being said, we're podcasting regularly at and subscribing to the RSS feed is very easy. Visit the site for more info or just hit the ITunes podcast directory. You can get the RSS feed from ITunes, your Yahoo or Google homepages, or just pick them up one at a time on colonlepod.
Anyway, I also lost the use of my digital camera after Homeland Security smashed it going through one of my bags. I admit I am a sketchy looking character and with no wife or kids at this age can be considered a threat. However, I am mourning the loss of that outdated camera becasue it took GREAT pictures for a digital. The new Nikon leaves a lot to be desired. By the way, the old one was a Fuji.
Outta here- Colonel