Friday, August 14, 2020

Mixcloud link to Night Train Express radio shows, hosted and produced by me on Marfa Public Radio

 Hey y'all-

COVID-19 has the County in Zoom meetings with video available publicly of Commissioners Court proceedings. 

As you may expect, not much is happening besides just waiting out the pandemic and looking at reduced revenue, now and later.

So I have not been posting the videos on my Vimeo page, but hoepfully will have some cool stuff, non-government related, to post up pretty soon. 

Marfa Public Radio has also moved from in-person DJing to remote pre-recording, so I have been producing my radio show in the upstairs of my new house in downtown Marfa. Usually the Newscaster helps out with content and production as well. 

One thing that has advanced is the archiving of my programs. I now have my own Mixcloud channel where i am posting the shows when they air. Shows are divided into on hour (actually 54 minute) segments and include a track listing. They will remain up for good, so if you want to check out the radio program, you can do so whenever you want by heading to the David W. Beebe Mixcloud page. 

Here's a link to my page:

Thanks for reading!