Thursday, August 28, 2008

My favorite band from 1985 through 1990

The Fabulous Thunderbirds, in all their incarnations prior to Fran Christina leaving the band, were just about my favorite of all time from about '85 through '90 or later. NRBQ supplanted them for a short time and then Doug Sahm took off on a ten year-plus run. Johnny Guitar Watson currently rules the roost for super-favorite. There are actually a bunch of artists and groups I am "addicted" to now, but back around '86-89 it was T-Birds all the way. My friends (and band-mates) and I would sneak into places to see them. We would attend every show possible as underage kids. Our band, instead of covering U2, Peter Gabriel, the Rolling Stones and all, focused on the T-Birds. I bought my first Hohner Golden Melody harmonica at H&H Music on Caroline in downtown Houston around Christmas of '85. For the next fiver years I focused on becoming a Kim Wilson quality harmonica player by apeing his chops and those of Little Walter, James Cotton and Jimmy reed. I never succeeded at playing half as well as any of those cats, but by the sheer grace of God, I figured out that playing other instruments as a complement to harmonica was a good way to imrove my singing, harmonica playing and overall musicality, so I went back to piano sort of and picked up guitar, bass and drums towards the end of college (92-93). I barely play harmonica at all anymore but still get a huge kick out of vintage T-Birds music and videos. The best video they ever had is a video for "How Do You Spell Love" off 1982's "T-Bird Rhythm" which stars little kid Charlie Sexton as a school kid. There's some great ominous pans of my bass playing idol Keith Ferguson (RIP) smiling the "smile of death" in that one as well. I would love it if someone could find that one and post it up on YouTube. Give it to me and I'll do it.
Anyway, here's a 1980 European performance of "She's Tuff", a song I started covering as a junior in high school with me band. Nobody does it as well as Kim Wilson. This video has another guitar player filling in for Jimmie Vaughan, but Mike Buck and Keith Ferguson hold down the groove behind Kim. - David

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Jackie in NYC

Here's a video shot at the end of the night of Jackie Pepper's private VIP Manhattan show at Billymark's. By this time Jackie, after exhausting the packed house with a veritable cornucopia of talent and memorable entertainment moments, was near the end of the line (and the end of the tequila bottle). Sorry for the video cutting out before the song starts, but I had to play the bass. - David

Monday, August 25, 2008

It's ironic- and more pics

That I just heard Joni Mitchell on Marfa Public Radio and hearing her always reminds me of a girlfriend I had back in the mid 90's who couldn't sing to save here life. Whereas Joni Mitchell, despite her begrudging attitude and countless coffin nails, can still sing. I still can't believe that the Counting Crows guy redid the Paved Paradise song. That's like about as rough as a Safeway soundtrack can be.

I noticed that me new Mozilla browser screws up my picture posts. I guess I'll have to plus in my lemon Apple laptop and post up with that. My IE Explorer got attacked by a Trojan. It's fixed now but all my homepages, etc are rest and I no longer trust it. Besides, open source is the more democratic way.

More pics-

One of my very best buddies of all time Drew Willis and I at my first and last Yankees game at the real Yankee stadium this past July. I was in NYC for close to five full days for the Jackie Pepper show at Billymarks- a huge success, of course. DI stayed with Drew for a few days after my Chelsea Hotel reservations expired. It was great, as always. I am seriously blessed to be still playing shows in places like SF and NYC over a year and a half after my retirement as a full time musician. Still a card carrying Union member, of course.

Well, that's the only pic from NYC for now. For some reason my computer or blogger continues to duplicate the same pic after I upload others. Next time... - DWB/Colonel

Various recent photos

Tex Offender (HRD) and Bruisie Q (former SSRD and current TXRD banked track)
Two killer roller derby skaters groovin' at the last HRD bout- HRD's Machete Betties vs the South Side Roller Derby's all stars. Great burying of the "hatchet" by our two rival Houston area leagues. Yes, some girls are still holding grudges, but what do you expect when you put 100 assertive, athletic girls in one room?!


The Southside girls warming up- first time on our track and in our venue. They are planning to become a full time banked track league by Jan 1. Check 'em out on myspace or by searching southside roller derby. They are based out of Pearwood skating rink in Pearland.


Audiomind and her husband Duck celebrate their 6th (I thin that's right) anniversary at the after party at The Boondocks. Duck helps with lineups for the Brawlers. Audiomind is a star derby jammer for the Burlesque Brawlers in HRD.


Early Friday night set at the Continental by the Octanes. Adam Burchfield on lead vocals and excellent guitar work. Kevin "Snit" Fitzpatrick on drums (formerly of Hollisters back in the day and also leader of Snit's Dog and Pony Show. Snit is a killer shuffle drummer.

Marfa City Council Meeting Tuesday August 12th

It's been a very hectic couple of weeks for me with travel, construction, volunteer work, and taking possession of my new "extra" Airstream, which will be ready to go in time for the Terlingua Chili Cookoff in November. So, I am a little late in posting this council meeting update. Since this meeting took place there have been 2 specila meetings (which I will not cover here) regarding the planning and adoption of our 2009 city budget. There is much hand wringing and bargaining back and forth, and the finished results will boil down to a Public Hearing at 5 PM Sept 18th followed by a meeting with the intent to amend, modify, refine and adopt a 2009 budget. The City of Marfa's fiscal year begins in October.
I would encourage any who can to attend this Thursday's (8/28) council meeting at 6PM to see where we are at on the current budget. Highlights (lowlights) include discussion, dissent and failure to agree on the contentious streetlight issue, and agreement yet bitter resignation at the fact that our garbage rates from the provider(s) [Duncan Disposal and West Texas Disposal are the only two options in the area]will go up a MINIMUM of 68% this year; all that will be passed on directly to the citizens unless streetlight concessions can damper the blow. Also adressed are several issues concerning using citation revenue to cover Municipal court and other city costs, golf course expenditures (still losing money) and no proactive action (in fact surrender) of efforts to create and fund a youth program. On the brighter side, our woefully underpaid city employees won't fall further behind the cost of living curve (at least if they're not buying gas) and we will actually likely increase slightly funding for employees in our dangerously understaffed EMS department. More later, but it sure would be nice to have a few more concerned citizens show up and tell the other council members what I hear on the streets (and here at the funeral home/dancehall) every day. Tomorrow I will be performing a short 50's rock and roll tribute at the Marfa Nutrition Center for lunchtime (11:30-1) and I'm sure that, once again, I'll get an earful. All in all, though it's good for me to get hassled and hear everyone's complaints. I can handle it and it's making me more and more resilient to criticism. One thing I can say for sure- I am doing my best and working hard every day on the tough issues that face our citizenry and city government. I will come out of this experience stronger and ready to rock, even if I wind up being a one-term councilman.

On with the re-cap of August 12.
Meeting called to order, 6 PM. All council members (Baeza, Garlick, Beebe, May and Garcia) in attendance. Mayor Dan Dunlap presided. City Administrator Mustard in attendance.

Citizen Comments- Citizen Bill White complained about tractor trailers and other large trucks cutting through from Highland to 17 via Oak St in front of the Post Office. Councilman Scott May commented that he had witnessed this as well. My thoughts are- the truckers haven't figured out that this doesn't actually save them any time. Anyway, signs, etc may eventually be posted. I wouldn't be surprised to see Scott May bring an action item before council at some point banning Jake Brakes (engine braking) and further regulating large trucks in the city. We are at the intersection of three relatively (for the area) major highways and this is not the first time concern about thru trucks has been brought up.
Next up, citizen Lineaus Lorette (sp?) brought up a complaint about the live music (most Saturday nights until about midnight) at Adobe Moon BBQ. A general complaint, he then went into detail about the offense it causes to the neighbors, especially the Catholic church. Anyway, I referred him to the TABC agent in Alpine, as the TABC controls most general law enforcement complaints regarding license holders. I also contradicted his claim about Adobe Moon being now a "honky-tonk" instead of being classified as a restaurant. I am certain they still do more than 50% of their business in food, and until they do more than 50% on beer and wine they will always be classified as a restaurant first before a bar. This situation will take some give and take on both sides, as I, myself, despite occasionally sitting in with the Moondogs band over there on drums, have questioned how long it would take until the ax would come down on their late night outdoor music scene. For those of you who do not live in Marfa, you would not BELIEVE how the sound travels out here on a clear night. You can hear people speak in a normal voice from blocks away- not make out exactly what they're saying, usually, but it sounds like they are 15 feet away. Citizens can hear (and either enjoy or not- I've heard more of the enjoy factor) the Moondogs from clear across town, especially on the higher ground near Marfa High School.
I was pleased that we had some citizen comments, by the way. Thanks for participating!
Next we approved the minutes from the last council meeting. Rudy Garcia wanted more attention brought into the streets and alleyways discussion he had brought up. We approved minutes unanimously.

Mayor's Report-

Mayor Dan Dunlap submits to the council the proposed budget for 2009 (Oct 2008-Sept 2009). We discuss scheduling of workshops and public hearing(s) related to same.

City Administrator's Report-

James Mustard announces that he and the Mayor will travel on Wed 8/13 to El Paso to the Rio Grande Council of Governments (COG) meeting in support of our recycling center grant application. UPDATE- the grant was approved and we will receive the money to buy a new cardboard baler and to extend three phase power out to the recycling center. Baler and power should be operational by Oct 1. Marfans- RECYCLE YOUR CARDBOARD! Besides aluminum cans it's the only recycling Marfa makes any measurable money from- plus it saves major dumpster and landfill space.

Mustard says we also filed for an extension of the sewer system replacement grant application (SW side of city) from TWDB (Texas Water Development Board). Surveys for the income-related aspect (low to moderate income neighborhood requirement) were accomplished with volunteer citizen labor (THANKS!!!)

More news- although the library renovation project is not yet finished, the portion using the ORCA grant is done. ORCA will make a visit and inspect with a walk-through before releasing final funding.

Councilmember Comments-

Councilman Manny Baeza inquired about eliminating our Municipal Court. City Admin Mustard informed him that AG Abbott had ruled that Muni Court is required in cities of our size and greater (at least)by the state Constitution.

Councilman Scott May wanted an update on the Gas Board's (SWTMGC) franchise agreement

No other councilman comments


Discussion with action as appropriate to convert Gonzales St between Columbia & Lincoln as a one-way street running north during construction of the new Marfa I.S.D. gymnasiums.
Estimated cost for signage and traffic control devices= +/- $3000. We discussed, with school and police chief input and agreed unanimously to approve the change in traffic designation and split the cost 50/50 with the school district. Change expected to be permanent, but to be re-evaluated, if necessary, following conclusion of construction one year from now.

Next- a controversial and emotionally charged discussion with action as appropriate measure to waive and/or reduce building permit fees for the two new gym projects at Marfa I.S.D. Total cost= $2385.90.
We were given information by superintendent Teola Swinney (sp?) that the previous contractor had been relieved of his duties and that the City of Marfa had refunded the original permit fees at that time. Further information given was that neighboring communities of Alpine and Presidio had all granted exemptions to permit fees, etc to The local school districts for their projects. Additional info requested from me and other councilmembers- amount of bond for gym projects= 2.9 Million dollars. Funding for permits/city fees are built into current bid. After some discussion mostly focusing on the fact that Ms Swinney felt that she had a fiduciary duty to ask us for a refund of less than 1% of 1% of their budget for the gyms and my agreeing and asking more questions regarding funding in general and the fact that, despite her protestations that tax money is all one big ball and we should let them have it back, tax money IS NOT ALL THE SAME (we don't have a 2.9 million $ bond for city services, for starters, the council voted 4 to 1 to reject a refund. Councilman Baeza voted in favor of a refund. There was some sharp language on both sides of this issue, and I have fielded some in-person and telephone vehement criticism on my vote, I stand behind it for these reasons:
Despite many protestations, I do not see this as double taxation, No promises or even remote suggestions of a refund to taxpayers or early bond pay-down of this money was made by the rep for Marfa I.S.D. despite my baiting with suggestions/mention and borderline parody of refund checks of $1.40 or so top each school tax paying citizen.
Secondly, part of my job is to ensure that the city is run like a business and also that there are no "special favors" to any one or more groups- community based or not. The special favors mentality is part of why the city had incurred so much debt several years ago that we are now just barely paying off.
Thirdly, the simple fact that $2385.90 is a lot of money for the city at this point (we being broke) and that it is less that 1% of 1% of the gym budget AND had been funded in the design/build bid. I feel like since no assurances were made or even implied about paying down the bond note early or refunding to taxpayers otherwise by the school district that this money they would have "saved" would have been spent on design accents or the like.
My final comments before voting Nay on the measure was that I respected the school's position in the community and also the traditional cooperation between the I.S.D. and the city, but that everyone is subject to these fees, and given the low rates plus the city's granting a parking variance to the project in order to reduce the parking lot burden issue (a different council/BOA session) we will stick to our original fees.

Since that vote, as I mentioned, I have been chided for "not caring about the kids". "not doing what you promised by representing all of Marfa", "not understanding double taxation", and "not caring about the Mexicans, since all the kids are Mexican" I kid you not. I hope the citizens will understand that not only do I have nothing to gain by standing my ground and requiring all my votes to objective based on what's fair, coupled with what's best to keep city taxes and services as low as they can be. There is no other way I can vote with clear conscience since I feel that this city needs honest, unbiased leadership with high integrity more than anything else. I can say that I have been and will continue to operate at the highest level of integrity I am capable of and that, being fairly new to this town, I owe nobody anything - STILL. Surely this will keep getting me into trouble, but I am doing my best, and working hard to be the best councilman I can be.

Next- we discussed the BOA appointments. Carolyn Duncan has resigned for health reasons. We moved Ralph McKay to the position of full board member, from alternate. We appointed former city councilwoman Maria Williams as alternate (yay!) There is still one alternate position available. Please contact me via telephone or in person if you qualify as an honest, objective Marfa citizen willing to serve your community in a very important role. I served as an alternate for about 5 months on the BOA before being elected to council and wound up voting every time due to absences of full time members. The BOA meets once a month or less. My phone number is in the telephone book and also national information.

Item 4- we reviewed the Chamber of Commerce budget. No action taken

Item 5- We considered a resolution to create a donations funded bank account for Police Dept renovations, including the remodeling of a Evidence room (by state mandate) and also the creation of a "Safe Lobby", a generally accepted lobby format for law enforcement encouraged (if not required) by the state. Currently the Marfa Police Dept has received $2400 in donations. Renovations will total between $3000-$6000 when complete as estimated by chief J.D. Wilbourn.
Approved Unanimously

Item 6- We move to create a bank account for a City contingency fund. This was a stated goal of the previous council, We are very near full solvency at this point and are no later than 30 days out on all of our bills. That means we are incurring no finance or service charges. The hard work begins now, as we will have to work to keep all floodgates closed...
Unanimous adoption of resolution

Item 7- this meeting is getting long... Approve a Tobacco Compliance Grant Bank Account. thank goodness Marfa National Bank doesn't charge us any service charges for all these bank accounts. I guarantee that is the city was an individual the I.R.S. would be after us for having so many. Approved- approximate value of this tobacco compliance and preventive education grant is between $1500 and $2000. Police dept will administer program.

Item 8- Resolution to create a bank account for the construction fund of a new sewer facility. This is the $1.265 million dollar interest free loan from the TWDB. Parkhill Smith engineering is 60% complete and they would like to receive partial payment. Unanimous.

Item 9 - We analyze and vote on construction bids for renovations of the city-owned USO building. The idea on this one is that the Chamber of Commerce will reimburse us for all or part of these renovations once they make the Amvets/USO building their permanent home and the official city convention center. The building is a grand old dame that needs total and complete restoration, inside and out. Worst case scenario, which I have been assured will not occur, is that we have to absorb these costs ourselves (city gov). The way I see it, the Amvets Hall is a major community asset and must be restored, at least to basic usage standards. Without that it's worth nothing to the citizens or the city gov (as owners). So basically, it needs to be fixed and hopefully all will go as planned. Bids for 400 AMP single phase power (for the whole place but built out only to the front office/greeting.bathroom and kitchen areas) is around $15,000. An Additional $9,800 considered for installation of air conditioning system with three zones for same part of building (but not exhibition hall). Unanimous vote minus Scott May who protested the inclusion or 7M services for the A/C work based on their reportedly shoddy and untimely work on the library project.
Side note- I hired 7M for the flashing/tin job here at Padre's and they did a seriously crappy job. They had not finished (or so I thought) before this vote. Turns out they had. I do not recommend. I still do not understand why supposed craftsmen don't take enough pride in whatever they spent 8 hours plus of every weekday doing during their life to do it right, or at least make the effort to do their best. I guess some people just never learned that work can make you really happy.

Item 10- Schedule budget workshops (open to public). Some of these have already occurred, but we made an effort to be sure that all council members could be present for each meeting.
Here's the results- 8/19 5PM; 8/21- 5 or 6PM; more discussion Thursday 8/28 at council meeting (regular meeting scheduled). Public hearing- YOUR LAST CHANCE TO RAISE HELL- 9/18. Followed by council budget adoption hearing- 6PM 8/18.
Please speak to your various councilmembers regarding your concerns. Once again they are
Manny Baeza
Rusty Garlick
Me- David Beebe
Rudy Garcia
Scott May

Also, Mayor Dan Dunlap and City Administrator James Mustard. Other useful ears are Police Chief J.D. Wilbourn and all three of the ladies (Ramona, Lori and Laura) at the front desk. The more you take this stuff around too us, the higher your success level has potential to be. I do not possess everyone's phone number, nor would I publish them here, but Marfa City Hall can assist. Nationwide information has their number as well as local phone books.
Thanks for reading- David Beebe

Sammie Relford- totally awesome and no one there!

"So, I have a quick update on Sammie Relford and The Real Sammie's club. Sammie and his band were so good that I went back the next night (Sat)- mostly to pick up a CD of Sammie's originals, but also to see the show again. I'll speak about Friday's show since I saw the complete show and was there by myself.
I got to The Real Sammie's around 9:30 or ten and there were probably about ten people ion there. I made a note on the way (I took the rail) to see how busy (the fake) Sammy's was (at 2016 Main) and it was pretty busy. Faye Robinson and her band play there most every weekend night.
The real Sammie's is a nice place with seating, a tall bandstand and plenty of room for dancing. The Friends band (Sammie's band) opened up the set with a rocking selection of great covers ranging from Motown to 80's soul-pop. Led by Mr. Slim on drums and lead vocals, the band also features Spider on 7 string (yes) bass, Brucie on guitar, and Maestro on keys. Both Maestro and Spider sing a lot of backup vocals. Sammie finally came out and there were less than 20 customers in the room. I was shocked. I can't remember seeing Sammie with fewer than a full house since about '91 over at the Gallant Knight back when they had a Shure Vocal Master P.A. hanging from the ceiling over the band in the middle of the room and $9 Old Milwaukee pitchers (very pricey in those days). I can hoenstly say that Sammie sounded absolutely great, complete with falsetto, deep bass and everything in between. He basically put on a show where he gave 110%. I could feel him going for it and I know how he felt, singing to a nearly empty room and trying to conquer it. He succeeded and everyone there had a great time with most folks dancing. He certainly turned the tables on me and I am grateful for it. It had been a while since I had seen him and last time he wasn't at his best (thinking back he might have been sick at the time goven how much energy he gave two weekends ago). Anyway, here's a few photos of Sammie with the Friends band. Catch them NOW at The real Sammie's- next door to the Brewery Tap in the Magnolia Brewery building on Franklin downtown in Houston. I couldn't believe there were even fewer folks there on Saturday so I'm thinking unless something changes The real Sammie's may not last. By the way, it just opened in mid-July. I think all of Sammie's fans must still think he's at Sammy's, although it's been well over a year since I've seen him listed there. Oh yeah, also, I ordered the Sammie Relford documentary online (just came out) and have just received it. I'll probably get to watch it in the next few weeks. I can't remember the last time I was this busy and overwhelmed with work of all kinds.

Friday, August 08, 2008

Sammie Relford

I am in Houston- got in on the Amtrak this morning at 6:30 AM. Breakfast at James Coney Island downtown was nice. Bus 82 took me to within three blocks of my parents' house. Although I still have my phone number I've had since '93 here in Houston, it's in my apartment, which is no longer mine and is occupied by Greg Henkel. That number will be disconnected next month. Since I have noc ell phone, I am not reachable (vacation!) Roller Derby is this Sunday at the Verizon, 4 PM doors, 5:00 game time. That's my primary reason for being here.
Sammie Relford's new club, "The Real Sammie's" is now finally open. It's located in the Magnolia Brewery building on Franklin at the Bayou (Power Tools, Urban Art Bar, Brewery Tap, etc). I am going to try to see Sammie tonight, as he plays every Friday and Saturday. Without going into much detail, the last time I saw this Houston soul icon was a few years back at "Sammy's, the club in the bottom of 2016 Main that was supposedly his, but actually wasn't. I must say, his voice was in very bad form that night and I felt sorry for him. Having experienced vocal pain on a daily basis for years I could feel his physical pain. Hopefully tonight will be different. Oh yeah, one caveat about that night at Sammy's was that Little joe Washington came in, wasted (kinda rare) and brought the house down. It was awesome.
Sammie Relford is the subject of a new documentary that I just ordered on DVD, with shipping, for about $18. If anyone out there has seen him perform over the years (about 20 years nearly every night at the former Gallant Knight that was on Holcombe) I recommend the documentary, just knowing what I know about his talent and personality. Google search him t get to the DVD order page. i am excited about seeing this Houston soul legend again, for better or worse. -DB

Wednesday, August 06, 2008

My policy on comments, etc

Here's a quick post to let any readers know how I may receive your comments or questions. recently there were a few questions posted in the "comments" area following a council post asking about our EMS care here in Marfa and what I plan to do about the general lack of super fast, ultra premium emergency medical facilities (including ultra-modern ambulance service).
If you would like a reply to a question, please call me. I am in the telephone book. If you want results, set up a personal meeting with me and plan to attend some council meetings. Also, the Big Bend Sentinel is good about publishing well-written letters to the editor. A multi-faceted approach to drawing attention to complex issues is always a better method of getting something done and people more powerful than I am to listen.
Thanks!- David

Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Radio show playlist through 7/31

As I've written about here before, I have a radio show on Marfa's 50,000 watt public radio station for Far West Texas. That would be on the web at
Anyway, my format is as follows: 60% 70's to current R&B (southern style), 25% Texas music of all styles, and 15% of anything else I feel like playing. I write down most of what I plan to play before I do each show and play it in no particular pre-planned order, but instead by feel.
The show is every Tuesday night from 11PM to 1AM (with commentary) and until 2 AM (without comment but still spinning records and inside the studio). That's Central time and I take requests as well. I have been diligent about loading material from my personal collection into the station's master computer so the other DJ's can access it permanently.
Here is a list (in no particular order) of most of the songs and artists I have played since my show began May 20th. I missed one Tuesday and station manager Tom Michael was kind enough to stay up late and sub in for me using mostly tracks off my I.D. (ones I programmed in- about 580 so far).

Many of these artists are currently performing around the U.S.- especially the ones you may not have heard of. I recommend some further research for any artists that catch your attention.

Back In Stride- Frankie Beverly and Maze
It's Not Easy - ? and the Mysterians
Love Ain't Nothing But a Business- Junior Parker
The Madison Time (Part 1)- Ray Bryant
Just Because- Lloyd Price
Dancing in the Streets- Martha and the Vandellas
Mercy, Mercy, Mercy- Johnny Guitar Watson and Larry Williams
Barn Door- Johnny Guitar Watson
I'm Talking About You- Chuck Berry
What You See Is What You Get- The Dramatics
Sally Go 'Round the Roses- The Jaynetts
Love Bones- Johnnie Taylor
Chicken, Gravy and Biscuits- L'il Ed & the Blues Imperials
Home Cookin' - Ronnie Dawson
Jeannine- Horace Grigsby
Marked Deck- Fabulous Thunderbirds
Can You Handle It? - Johnny Guitar Watson
High Sheriff of Calhoun Parish- Tony Joe White
The Chokin' Kind- Buddy Ace
Put Me in Jail- Sunny Ozuna
General Dollar General- Flying Fish Sailors
Colossal Head- Los Lobos
Hello Mary Ann- Ronnie Millsap
It's All Over Now, Baby Blue- Dion
Mighty, Mighty, Spade and Whitey- Curtis Mayfield
Do It Again- The Kinks
Take Some, Leave Some- James Brown
Little Fox- The Krayolas
Cumbia Del Sol- The Blazers
One More Chance- Little Johnny Taylor
You Never Get Too Big... - Sir Douglas Quintet
Can I Change My Mind- Tyrone Davis
More Bounce to the Ounce- ZAPP
Grandma's Hands- Bill Withers
Turn Back the Hands of Time- Tyrone Davis
A Nice Song- Sir Douglas Quintet
Happy Feelings- Frankie Beverly and Maze
Quarter to Three- Gary U.S. Bonds
Jody Got Your Woman and Gone- Johnnie Taylor
It's Raining- Irma Thomas
Baby Workout- Jackie Wilson
Veronica- Ronnie Dawson
You're Not My Girl- The Krayolas
No One Else Will Do- The Tail Gators
Good Friend- Grady Gaines and Paul David Roberts
Born to Wander- Rare Earth
Up, Up and Away- The 5th Dimension
Wiggle- Willie Clayton
Stairway to Heaven- The O'Jays
Hoochie Momma- Marvin Sease
Sometimes- Gene Thomas
Tragic Magic- NRBQ
Did You Ever Have to Make Up Your Mind- John Sebastian w/ NRBQ
Night and Day- Frank Sinatra and Red Norvo
Fox River- Waco Brothers
Hug a Jug- Loco Gringos
Baby's in Love with the Radio- Johnny Guitar Watson
Heaven Sent- Oscar Perry
Pay at the Pump- Soul Hat
The Bigg Woman Song- Bigg Robb
On Broadway- Lou Rawls
96 Tears- ? and the Mysterians
Come and Dance With Me- Johnny Guitar Watson
Put It Where You Want It- The Crusaders
Working Together- Frankie Beverly and Maze
I Don't Wanna Make It Too Funky- Roy Head
60 Minutes of Your love- Sir Douglas Quintet
Who's Making Love- Johnnie Taylor
Fish Out of Water- Ronnie Dawson
Benny's Cadillac- The Iguanas
The look of Love- Isaac Hayes
Love Rollercoaster- Ohio Players
Oliver's Gone- Georgie Fame
Girls with Glasses- The Dishes
I Ain't Never Loved Nobody Like This Before- Paul David Roberts
I Know I'm Losing You- Rare Earth
Please Be Kind- Frank Sinatra
Dream in Blue- Los Lobos
What's Your Pleasure?- Billy Ray Charles
Please, Please, Please (espanol) - James Brown
Lester the Clown- Adam Bork
Bernadette- Four Tops
Doo Wah Ditty- ZAPP
How's Gary?- The Judy's
Bossa Nova #2- Little Joe Washington
Peanuts- The Sunglows
Ooh Poo Pah Doo- Jessie Hill
We're Rolling- The Impressions
Wham! Bam!- The Road Kings
Golly Gee- Sunny Ozuna
High Society- The Judy's
My Love- Dion
River's Invitation- Georgie Fame
One More Time- Roy Head
Do the Boomerang- Jr. Walker & the All Stars
My Big Cat- Flying Fish Sailors
Radiation Squirm- The Judy's
Telephone Bill- Johnny Guitar Watson
Just a Little Bit- Big Robert Smith
Sweetest Girl in California- Swamp Dogg
You Got It- NRBQ
Mama- B.J. Thomas
River's Invitation- James Cotton
Lover's Crime- Fabulous Thunderbirds
Ju Ju Hand- Sam the Sham & the Pharaohs
Not With Her Man- Little Sister
She Comes Round- Fastball
Don't Keep Me Hanging On- Jin Henkel
Land of 1000 Dances- Cannibal & the Headhunters
Feel the Spirit of My Guitar- Johnny Guitar Watson
Simply Beautiful- Willie Clayton
Stoned Soul Picnic- The 5th Dimension
Hole in the Wall- Mel Waiters
For the Love of Money- The O'Jays
Tainted Love- Gloria Jones
Never Can Say Goodbye- Isaac Hayes
Close the Door- Georgie Fame
Fraulein- Chuck Berry
Git to Gittin'- Big Walter the Thunderbird
We're a Winner- Curtis Mayfield
Let's Go Baby- Robert Parker
U.R. Walking on Shakie Ground- Billy Ray Charles
Glow in the Dark- David Garza
Take Care of your Homework- Johnnie Taylor
Touch- Con Funk Sun
Cheatin' Game- Willie Clayton
All Night Worker- Tail Gators
The Food Chain- Flying Fish Sailors
Old Folks- Tod Vullo
You Never Get Too Old to Boogie- Swamp Dogg
The Making of You- Curtis Mayfield
Aicha- Khaled
Straighten It Out- Latimore
That's Neat That's Nice- NRBQ
Underwater Fun- The Judy's
Party Like We Used To- Willie Clayton
Baby Face- Johnny Guitar Watson
Plenty Tuff and Union Made- Waco Brothers
Ibuprofen- Scratch Daly
Lone Ranger- Johnny Guitar Watson
Shining Star- Earth Wind and Fire
I Sure Love to Ball (and You Do Too)- Swamp Dogg
Don't You Know- NRBQ
Are You Ready for the Fallout- Fastball
We Gotta Get Out of this Place- The Animals
Ramble Tamble- Creedence Clearwater Revival
Since I Met You- Johnny Guitar Watson
Rich Woman- Fabulous Thunderbirds
Blues Pass Me By- Sir Douglas Quintet
Felicia No Capiche- Sunny Ozuna
I Just Want to Celebrate- Rare Earth
Fallin' For You- Hadden Sayers
I'm a Road Runner- Jr. Walker & the All Stars
New York- Little Joe Washington
By the Time I Get to Phoenix- Isaac Hayes
Way Back Home- The Crusaders
If There's a Hell Down Below We're All Going to Go- Curtis Mayfield
Luck Be a Lady- Frank Sinatra w/ Count Basie
Can't Get Over You- Frankie Beverly and Maze
Impression- The Suspects
Shimmy Shimmy Ko Ko Bop- Little Anthony & the Imperials
Oh Pretty Woman- Albert King
Sundown Is Coming/ Hold Back the Night- The Dramatics
A Natural Man- Lou Rawls
It's September- Johnnie Taylor
Funky Blues- Johnny Guitar Watson
Giving It Up for Your love- Z.Z. Hill
That's the Way of the World- Earth Wind and Fire
Niki Hoeky- The LeRoi Brothers
Night Train- Buddy Morrow
Good Lovin' It'll Make You Cry- Carl Marshall
Funky President- James Brown
A Woman Want a Man, She Don't Want No Punk- Carl Marshall
So Life Goes On- The Dreambreakers
Jackie Pepper Died- Adam Bork
Record Shoppin' - Bigg Robb
How Do You Spell Love- Fabulous Thunderbirds
The Other Man- Swamp Dogg
Neighbor, Neighbor- Jimmy Hughes
Sit Down On It- Marvin Sease
Roswell/ Hangar 18- Flying Fish Sailors
Dear Dad- Chuck Berry
Big Robert's Strokin' Too- Big Robert Smith
Mexican Radio- Wall of Voodoo
Good Times- Chic
The Look in Your Eyes- Frankie Beverly and Maze
Speed Racer Theme- Speed Racer
The Streetbeater- Quincy Jones
Jack Rabbit- Zydeco Joe
Bigg Man Love/Good Love- Bigg Robb
This Is For Grown Folks- Carl Marshall
Right Place, Wrong Time- Dr. John
My Radio Sure Sounds Good to Me- Graham Central Station
I'm a Midnight Mover- Bobby Womack
Spill the Wine- Eric Burdon and WAR
Be Still- Bobby Rush
You Bring Love- Johnny Guitar Watson
Fact of Life- Bobby Womack
I Believe to My Soul- Donny Hathaway
Satin Doll- Ella Fitzgerald
That Ain't My Wife- Swamp Dogg
The Rains Came- Big Sambo and the Housewreckers
Too Tight- Con Funk Shun
Sara Smile- Latimore
The Only Thing That's Real- Sister 7
Solomon Grundy- The Foundations
Hold On to What You've Got- Joe Tex
Hard Way- Sir Douglas Band
So Excited- B.B. King
Fire- Ohio Players
I Just Wanna Stop- Gino Vanelli
I'm Not in Love- 10cc
Sleepy Women- Herschel Berry
Free- Chicago
Some Else is Steppin' In- Z.Z. Hill
Texas Rose Cafe- Little Feat
Jeannine- Tod Vullo
You Made Me Love You- Ray Charles
Shining Star- The Manhattans
The Soulful Strut- Young Holt Unlimited
Having So Much Fun- Huey Piano Smith
Cheaper to Keep Her- Johnnie Taylor
Rockin' Pneumonia and the Boogie Woogie Flu- Huey Piano Smith
Turn on Your Love Light- Bobby Bland
Wrap It up- Archie Bell and the Drells
All Night Long- Kinny Abair
Lady Madonna- Junior Parker
Part Time Love- Little Johnny Taylor

I am certain that this list is incomplete and I am missing at least one or two weeks' worth of prep sheets, but you get the drift. I'll try to publish songlists from the radio show (called The Night Train Express) every few months as it builds up. Most of this stuff I load into the system is from CD's but probably about 40% is from my record collection- 45's and LP's. It takes substantially longer to transfer the vinyl, and I needed some content fast at first. I should be able to tip the balance over to the vinyl side fairly soon.
Thanks for listening if you are- Tuesday nights 11PM to 2 AM Central time.