Monday, August 25, 2008

It's ironic- and more pics

That I just heard Joni Mitchell on Marfa Public Radio and hearing her always reminds me of a girlfriend I had back in the mid 90's who couldn't sing to save here life. Whereas Joni Mitchell, despite her begrudging attitude and countless coffin nails, can still sing. I still can't believe that the Counting Crows guy redid the Paved Paradise song. That's like about as rough as a Safeway soundtrack can be.

I noticed that me new Mozilla browser screws up my picture posts. I guess I'll have to plus in my lemon Apple laptop and post up with that. My IE Explorer got attacked by a Trojan. It's fixed now but all my homepages, etc are rest and I no longer trust it. Besides, open source is the more democratic way.

More pics-

One of my very best buddies of all time Drew Willis and I at my first and last Yankees game at the real Yankee stadium this past July. I was in NYC for close to five full days for the Jackie Pepper show at Billymarks- a huge success, of course. DI stayed with Drew for a few days after my Chelsea Hotel reservations expired. It was great, as always. I am seriously blessed to be still playing shows in places like SF and NYC over a year and a half after my retirement as a full time musician. Still a card carrying Union member, of course.

Well, that's the only pic from NYC for now. For some reason my computer or blogger continues to duplicate the same pic after I upload others. Next time... - DWB/Colonel

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