Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Jackie in NYC

Here's a video shot at the end of the night of Jackie Pepper's private VIP Manhattan show at Billymark's. By this time Jackie, after exhausting the packed house with a veritable cornucopia of talent and memorable entertainment moments, was near the end of the line (and the end of the tequila bottle). Sorry for the video cutting out before the song starts, but I had to play the bass. - David

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Michael Nicholson said...

I've got to say you and the HP lie about the greatest song about Houston. There is obviously no doubt which one that is- no it can not be the Tighten Up just because it mentions we from Houston, TX and we are Wiggers. The best song is...

Telephone Road by Steve Earl. In fact I think I will be touring the tourist destination tomorrow startng at 7 am in honor. Except I hope that stripper doesn't keep trying to track me down since she switched over from the Washington area.