Monday, August 25, 2008

Various recent photos

Tex Offender (HRD) and Bruisie Q (former SSRD and current TXRD banked track)
Two killer roller derby skaters groovin' at the last HRD bout- HRD's Machete Betties vs the South Side Roller Derby's all stars. Great burying of the "hatchet" by our two rival Houston area leagues. Yes, some girls are still holding grudges, but what do you expect when you put 100 assertive, athletic girls in one room?!


The Southside girls warming up- first time on our track and in our venue. They are planning to become a full time banked track league by Jan 1. Check 'em out on myspace or by searching southside roller derby. They are based out of Pearwood skating rink in Pearland.


Audiomind and her husband Duck celebrate their 6th (I thin that's right) anniversary at the after party at The Boondocks. Duck helps with lineups for the Brawlers. Audiomind is a star derby jammer for the Burlesque Brawlers in HRD.


Early Friday night set at the Continental by the Octanes. Adam Burchfield on lead vocals and excellent guitar work. Kevin "Snit" Fitzpatrick on drums (formerly of Hollisters back in the day and also leader of Snit's Dog and Pony Show. Snit is a killer shuffle drummer.


Anonymous said...

I'm just now seeing the picture of Tex Offender and I. That was a great night!

Thanks for the props!

Unknown said...

Hey David..Thanks for the kind words!!I saw you "studying"..just as I have and continue to do!

Anonymous said...