Friday, November 07, 2008

The soda policy at Padre's

Actually, we'll also have St Arnold's Root Beer and some strawberry soda as well, but you catch my drift. Also, Chick O Sticks will be the official candy. -DWB

Announcers at Battle Royale- Houston Roller Derby hosts WFTDA Westerns

Here's some typically ridiculous photos of some of the more famous (infamous) roller derby announcers in the nation at Battle Royale. There are others that aren't fit for viewing- either in a "family" setting or in the supposed safety of your own confines, so I'll spare you.

First off, here's HRD announcer Mario "Mangler" Martinez with Moose Ondaluce from the Derby News Network

Next we have Jeffrey Calmer, Howie Felterbottom, Dumptruck and Chip Queso all sampling some delicious pickles from The Colonel's pickle jar.

Dumptruck, in keeping with his theme of "everything all the way and more" gets down with the pickle jar at the announcers' table. "They ain't got no Del Dixi Polish pickles in Colorado!"

Howie Felterbottom and Dumptruck taking a "break" in the Derby Brothers' tent. By Day 3 we were all there at least 50% of the time. Great job, brothers! And especially thanks to all the girls and refs that came together to make an incredible weekend of Roller Derby happen. Visit for literally thousands of pictures of this event take by real photographers.

West Texas Roller Girls are now a WFTDA certified team

Tonight, after working in the yard most of the day planting cacti, hauling broken concrete and rocks and sorting scrap wood, I ventured to the computer to try to figure out how to use the Google Reader feature. One of the few things I subscribed to is the feed from the West Texas Rollergirls out of Lubbock. Anyway, I found out that not only did they beat Assassination City last month in a bout, but now they have received official WFTDA certification. Amazing, considering they had their very first bout about 6 months ago (according to their page). Lubbock is 5 and a half hours away- too far. However, if I need to make a big trip next year for supplies maybe I can arrange a motel room and an extra four hours for the round trip to go to the Lubbock Municipal Auditorium and see them play (That's right they're skating in a REAL venue and not a rink!)
Cool deal. - DB

Thursday, November 06, 2008

A short one

There's a little much to talk about right now and not nearly enough time to do so, but I feel like it's important to say a couple of short things about the Presidential election. First off, John McCain's consolation speech was the best I've ever heard and I really appreciate his candidacy. Secondly, I tuned into before I went to bed on Tuesday night after wiring circuits during the NPR election reports on Marfa Public Radio and heard three old school former civil rights advocates speaking some amazingly intense words about what it all meant to them. That, plus some Sam Cooke and some Amazing Grace interspersed between comments. I only lasted about 20 minutes, it was so intense, but I gave thanks for that and them, plus the fact that AM KCOH 1430 is still on the air in Houston. - David