Friday, November 07, 2008

West Texas Roller Girls are now a WFTDA certified team

Tonight, after working in the yard most of the day planting cacti, hauling broken concrete and rocks and sorting scrap wood, I ventured to the computer to try to figure out how to use the Google Reader feature. One of the few things I subscribed to is the feed from the West Texas Rollergirls out of Lubbock. Anyway, I found out that not only did they beat Assassination City last month in a bout, but now they have received official WFTDA certification. Amazing, considering they had their very first bout about 6 months ago (according to their page). Lubbock is 5 and a half hours away- too far. However, if I need to make a big trip next year for supplies maybe I can arrange a motel room and an extra four hours for the round trip to go to the Lubbock Municipal Auditorium and see them play (That's right they're skating in a REAL venue and not a rink!)
Cool deal. - DB

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