Friday, November 07, 2008

Announcers at Battle Royale- Houston Roller Derby hosts WFTDA Westerns

Here's some typically ridiculous photos of some of the more famous (infamous) roller derby announcers in the nation at Battle Royale. There are others that aren't fit for viewing- either in a "family" setting or in the supposed safety of your own confines, so I'll spare you.

First off, here's HRD announcer Mario "Mangler" Martinez with Moose Ondaluce from the Derby News Network

Next we have Jeffrey Calmer, Howie Felterbottom, Dumptruck and Chip Queso all sampling some delicious pickles from The Colonel's pickle jar.

Dumptruck, in keeping with his theme of "everything all the way and more" gets down with the pickle jar at the announcers' table. "They ain't got no Del Dixi Polish pickles in Colorado!"

Howie Felterbottom and Dumptruck taking a "break" in the Derby Brothers' tent. By Day 3 we were all there at least 50% of the time. Great job, brothers! And especially thanks to all the girls and refs that came together to make an incredible weekend of Roller Derby happen. Visit for literally thousands of pictures of this event take by real photographers.

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