Friday, November 07, 2008

The soda policy at Padre's

Actually, we'll also have St Arnold's Root Beer and some strawberry soda as well, but you catch my drift. Also, Chick O Sticks will be the official candy. -DWB


JalapeƱo Schwartz said...

Chick-o-Sticks! I worked at their plant in Lufkin Texas and made them during college days . Tons and tons and tons of chick-o-sticks! I'll take you through the whole thrilling process at a later date! I eat them to this day... no really... they are the best candy ever made. They are not just candy, they're an entire way of life. Can be stored anywhere, and never melt.
The peanut butter is made at the plant at the exact time needed for the candy, they put a lot of it in there! Chic-o-Sticks are something you can have faith in! JP

Anonymous said...

I would always ask for a Welch Apple because I'm a fan of the Old Skool days before Coke used the Mafia to kill off the competition but anyway my father would curse me out for embarrassing him with that request in front of all the black waiters at the club like he was retarded and man Strawberry is just weird. Apple is where it's cool. How can I get that into my regular soda consumption. Strawberry is like hippy stuff you drink after drugs. Although I remember Davey got into tons of trouble dropping Strawberry Soda into the well in a town with Goliath. Actually the Chicks kick ass and that's a real call. When I go to the movies I always go to Central and get me a spice bag for sneaking it into the theater and fill up stuff from the world class Bin Section including those awesome Jalopeno Pretzel Cheese balls and those Seaseme Candies and the Bit o Honeys- at 3.99 a pound and light weight they are a better deal and the sugar content is right. The Jelly Bellies are overpriced and too inbetween If I am going for sugar I want either the Pixie Stix or those awesome Lemmon Sherbets with the black licorise hard thingie bonus. British candy is so underrated over here. I have to question the Lego bricks in the Bins- yes I can build stuff in the old school tradition and they are cheaper than Lego but man where are the trees, the roofs the floors, the windows- all I can make is walls, where are the doors? I have to pass on them. Everything now is Sour Patch Kids and I'm so tired of that trendy crap- Fruitips which I can get at Ailse 3 or Fiesta is way better and more bang for your buck and in that awesome giant tube I can put in my back pocket and look cool. And they got the best Oldies section in town and sorry that is Al but they don't do Lite or Easy and Lounge. But you know Al is responsible for Instant Movies so what can I say? I will say that of the beans- the Halloween mix ruled and I like how I can get samples before I buy. Man they killed Halloween and New Years for that matter in Houston. And in the OLd School- I'd get to go to Astroworld for Marvel Mc Fay and the Anti-Gravity House for Halloween and see Sid and Marty Kroft and then the Carpenters perform live and did the best Easy with that awesome Trumpet player and Rob and Karen hung out with us after the show and ate hotdogs with us and it was like we were family.
Bands don't really do that as much now except for the Orbits and they have free Soul and 50 cent RCs too- but say I was going to say can you play my all time favorite Sinatra song Feelin' Kinda Sunday- I think we need a Pete reunion and get him to sing it because it might make him learn how to smile some and not be our Angriest Award winner. I love that song. i gotta stop the banter and go.