Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Finally figured out how to log on again- big probs with Google ID for a while

Yeah, I'm back- been a while. Couple of thoughts--- "Big" news- "Blockbuster is closing last location..." and "Last video rented at Blockbuster ever was..." Blockbuster has not closed. The franchisees are getting raped by this massive publicity stunt. There's still about 200 franchise locations open in smaller towns, mostly in Texas. What the ? is with the corporate office?! Killing their loyal franchisees... Went to the Presidio County Commissioners meeting today. looks like the Shafter mine is pretty much over- called it as a scam. I guess it would have worked if silver had stayed above $40/ounce. Rough. HGoing to be a major property tax revenue shortfall... Also, golf course "management" aka non- management is biting them in the ass, as it did the city. Same old stuff Lastly, MPRadio drama has died down, and I'm still doing both shows- late Tues/early Wed Night TRain (11PM-2AM) and Friday Oldies (11AM-1PM) Didn't realize how upset I was at the created controversy... WORD OUT Dabeed