Monday, November 19, 2012

Future of Satellite Radio in my opinion

So, for now, Satellite radio is the hot deal. Lots of channels, can receive nationawide, $20/month, still has commercials, celebrity DJs. Ok, so that's all cool. The future of Satellite Radio is not bright. Stating it here: The future of radio is online streaming of stations- streaming in your car, streaming on your radio, cell phone, whatever. For the price of internet service, not an extra subscription of $20/month. It's already happening, but just wait until people actually figure out that their phone can stream and get hooked into their car stereo for nothing. It's coming... Sell your Sirius stock. -DB

1 comment:

Unknown said...

Ha! No way! Sirius is not going anywhere!

Just get KRTS on Sirius, and specifically NIGHT TRAIN EXPRESS, and you'll watch the $$ flow your way!

DO IT!!!!

~ Beth