Friday, March 05, 2010

Running, etc

I've been on a regular running program since the beginning of the year. I try to run at least 2 miles every morning on weekdays. If I miss because I wake up too late and have to be at work or go to the bank or to get groceries for lunch at the club I don't come down on myself.
Today I decided to push it and ran over 8 miles, according to the gmap-pedometer application that uses Google Maps to track mileage. That's easily the longest I have run in years and it went well. I am sore, but have two days off from running since today is Friday. It's really fun to run out here when it's not too cold in the morning.

Reasons I'm feeling a lot better than I did in Dec-
a little less stress
red wine instead of beer, for the most part
Chinese Medicinal tea from Dr Dang in Houston
better diet
I force myself to go back to sleep in the morning- sleeping in is something I normally only do when I'm hanging out in Houston and off work.
running regularly

We'll see how I am come summer. - David

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