Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Heart checks out OK, small update

I spent the weekend of the 12-14 on the road. I first went to Houston for four different doctor visits. Heart scan, blood work, cardiologist, internist, Chinese herbalist.
Everything checked out OK at the end of the day. I have been back on the running program and have purposefully reduced my stress level somewhat and also have switched from daily beers to limited red wine intake.
A little more blood pressure medicine was prescribed- first increase in 8 years, and it was mild. I guess I'm getting older. I certainly can't afford to have my body get ragged out by hypertension. If I'm going to rag it out at all I'm going to earn it, Satellite Lounge style!
I also played a really fun show with the David Beebe 3 at The Houston Club for boxing night. What an amazing thing to see a full size ring and 500 people in the Texas Room on a Wednesday night. It was great. I loved seeing Irma again and the rest of the staff, for that matter.

I spent the 12th through the 14th in Los Angeles- my first trip there since 2004. It was a blast. I saw Beanie while I was there and enjoyed great weather, walking around, great food, Jumbo's Clown Room for first rate burlesque and more. By the time I returned to Houston I was beat. The club here had a killer fashion show while I was out. I mean awesome. It was called MODA and you can see a video clip on YouTube by searching MODA Marfa.

We are getting ready to open this place 6 days a week for lunch and dinner with continuous food and beverage service in the in-between hours. That starts now, but our first Monday is this upcoming one. We are adding killer lunch specials M_F that can be viewed on our website at
That same Mon (March 1st) marks the arrival of my newest employee, Lamar High School alumnae Nicki Ittner, formerly of Portland, SF, Austin and NYC. She is the coolest; I am looking forward to having her here in Marfa.
Otherwise I'm basically struggling to pay all the beginning of the year bills- we are pushing hard in 2010 on the advertising end of things. It's expensive, but I predict we'll have a very strong spring and summer. Being open as much or more than any other comparable business in town will definitely help. Consistency is not all that common out here in the Trans-Pecos. Keith Coit's Rule #1 was consistency in your hours and practices.

Lastkly, I filed for re-election to Marfa City Council this past week. Election is early May. - David

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Claudia said...

Holy cow, take care of yourself! Slow down on the RC and Moonpies, too. Too much caffeine and artificial colors may not be as good for us as they once were...are you coming to Austin for SXSW? haven't seen your name mentioned anywhere and that seems odd. Hope I get to see you soon!