Thursday, April 20, 2006

LOUIEDOLLARS- San Antonio rapper. Anyone else have more info on him? Old school beats and old school flow.
SkyBlue72 is playing at Sherlocks for free Thursday (4/20). Sherlocks has a super sucky clientele, but great location, bartenders and staff. It's like all the 281 shmoes come in to 713 to party at their own little piece of 281 on West Gray at McDuffie. I might make it over there. Most likely on skates. Great band.
Judy's Washarama CD (burned but w/ artwork) is on the Poison Girl jukebox. Do yourself a favor and go play a few tracks off it. Mostly local CDs on that box. Hardly anyone plays it, of course, since the Eagles Greatest Hits isn't on there.
Open Mike Comedy Night at Ridyard's Tuesday night was amazing. I laughed out loud quite a bit, but it also has that kind of sad air to it that local bars have when everyone knows each other and they are there every week for the same ritual. I recommend it as it's an interesting time and you just might laugh too. Free every Tuesday at Rudyard's 2010 Waugh Dr.
The Aqua Velva will be playing the Art Car Ball (opening act) in the lot next door to the Meridian. Finally get to play in a band that's cool enough for that crowd. they're gonna love it.
Miss Leslie recorded a live CD downstiars tonight at the Continental. They sounded great. Sean Reefer is a really steady drummer when he's not stoned. I'm sure that CD will turn out great. It was a really smooth show with good crowd noise and applause throughout. Tacos a Go Go did free food. Excellent beef tacos. I definitely prefer Vietnamese to Mexican food, but Tacos is making a good case.
Houston Roller Derby prom is Saturday night at The Meridian. I'm going with The Prosecutor. She's a fun date and I like talking to her. Great skater as well. Prom will be fun- I'm getting a pimp suit at Fire Sale tomorrow with hat and shoes to match.
Going to bed- David

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