Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Excellent new resource for Marfans and visitors

Hello, folks-

The good local folks at BBgun productions have started a great resource for folks who live in, visit, or own property in or near Marfa. Since we are way too small for Craigslist and the nearest CL cities are El Paso and Odessa, we have not really had an accessible method of sharing info, posting classifieds, et al. Now we have www.marfalist.org - a pint sized version of CL with no fees and a Marfa-style honor system. It is fabulous- visit it!!!




Found in the Alley said...

You carpet bagging high art luvin Marfa lights viewing sinner.

You aren't in Texas any more you're in Marfa! Got all hooked up with those Northern City Slicker types haven't you? Took my Chicago horn player to New York City is what you did.

Love you. Be in Houston for the Holidays?

Found in the Alley said...

Btw - this is Kilian =)

Anonymous said...

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