Wednesday, December 09, 2009

Musings about the real Marfa

I have spent the last 2 days walking and knocking on doors in the more aged and also less wealthy sections of Marfa giving away Christmas CDs. The gist of it is that I knock on a door, and if the resident is not there and/or then I leave a CD on the porch with a short letter explaining that I am grateful for the opportunity to serve as councilman and that the Christmas CD is my gift to al Marfa residents. That being said, I doubt I will get to the more gentrified neighborhoods, as I am splitting for 2 weeks to H-Town and have a good but of work to get done just to facilitate that alone.

No matter- I have met some incredible people who are extremely kind- plus some folks who rarely leave their houses. Pretty wild- I identify with the south and southwest sides more so than the not and northeast sides of town, maybe only because I lived in my Airstream for a long time and now still live in a very borderline house on the south side. Different world- and I really like the people.
Marfa is pretty real, despite whatever you read in the New Yorker. - David


Unknown said...

I think they call that "bribery".

D J Duncan

David Beebe said...

Ha ha! Yeah, well I haven't actually asked for anyone to vote for me, nor have I made casting any vote a condition of accepting the CD, so I would equate it with giving out pencils with my name on it. Hardly illegal by anyone's yardstick... - David

Michael Nicholson said...

When are you coming back to Houston and ensure that things are done right in our Action Packed City and especially with The Dome? But we are starting to get things better already but we need more help. Casey Kasem doing the countdown on Saturdays is a mighty fine start and it was great that Billy Paul was #1 last week for Me & Mrs. Jones and also his amazing performance on the Channel 8 Teledrive where he serendaded the "Tele-8" chicks manning the phones.
Amazing. In fact, Kid should singing the song But we have a way to go- and this is just Cr** that you are in some horse carrier thing llike you are not just free but a *od-*amn hippie- and just a sticking the finger to our city like the Austin area kicks A** over Houston Did Deano ever write about Austin or is it Action Packed Austin? I don't think so- case closed. Bob Hope said the best view in the world is in Houston and the RIce Hotel was when we were great and you could drive to Galveston and hear Frank at the top club in America with a cheap 5 course meal, dancing and talking to the stars up close. Now can you do that in Austin or even Houston- no and my God man where is your Houston Pride.