Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Job Creator

Although I am not one of the "one percent" I am and have definitely been a "job creator"- including creating jobs for myself.
The vast majority of "job creators" only are able to create jobs when there is demand for a product or a service. This has nothing to do with taxation or extra money in the bank. It has to do with DEMAND
Also, it's my observation that those in the top tier of wealthiness in the USA are not even people who manage anything but their own fortune; and they manage to spend a portion of it on very expensive luxury goods and vactaions, in addition to investing in real property (as an investment, usually).
Here are some names of some "job creators" in Marfa who have created jobs for people here very recently
Daniel and Jessie Browning
Rocky Barnette
Maiya Keck
Adam and Krista Bork
Ty Mitchell
Bird Parrott
Rob Crowley & David Branch
Don Culbertson

and there are many others...
I promise NONE of these folks have added any jobs due to "extra cash freed up by lower taxes". In fact, I bet NONE of these folks makes enough to pay the AMT!

These are the real job creators in America

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