Monday, January 07, 2013

A gun owner against assault weapons- on the record

I am a gun owner. I own a .38 Special- a gun typically used to do nothing but shoot people, not animals. Not an accurate gun, but a compact and effective pistol- Smith & Wesson. Anyway, I am in favor of citizens being able to purchase and own guns. I am also happy that I don't have to pay a yearly permit fee or have it inspected. I did buy it at a "real" dealer over 15 years ago, so the State of Texas knows I have it. I could have easily bought the same type of gun at a gun show anonymously without the 2 day waiting period, but didn't. I am 100% in favor of banning the sale of assault rifles, semiautomatic weapons of all sorts, and anything more militaristic than that. Of course, millions of these weapons are already out there, and I don't believe there's any reason to try to confiscate them. In my opinion, this would make sense for everyone other than the gun manufacturers (and probably thousands of dumb, fat white men). For the record here...

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