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Notes from Presidio County Commissioners Court Special meeting 1/31/17 10:00 AM, Marfa

Here are my notes from this meeting. Once again, the IPad (County issued) I use to take these notes shut down unexpectedly during notation and I lost 20-30 minutes of notes on Atty Jim Allison's explanation to the Court regarding recommendations for golf course contract proposals. Fortunately, Mr. Allison provided a detailed handout after his talk which relays that information in writing. See two posts down for that document.


Presidio County Commissioners Court special meeting 1/31/2017 10 AM, Marfa

Commissioners present: Brenda Bentley, Loretta Vasquez, Judge Cinderela Guevara, Eloy Aranda, Lorenzo Hernandez. (All)

County Attorney Rod Ponton also present. Attorney Jim Allison (county outside legal counsel) also present.

Item 4: citizens comments on items not on agenda.

Three people signed up so far.
Eddie Pallarez: 
On behalf of Global Golf. Knows that specs of contract proposal were not all met. Asks for commissioners to meet with them anyway to make this work out for the golf course. 
Please consider. Golf association now has only 40 members. Lowest number ever. Please consider global golf.

Hester Ann White: 
Advocates for a good golf course. In order to have a good golf course water must be available. Would like for Global Golf to build a new golf course where there is an abundance of gray water. Says that their proposal would require too much water in addition to finances. Infrastructure needed would be a major consideration. Please consider this in addition to the long term financial situations. 

Jane Walker: passionately advocates for golf group. Reads from 2014 Sentinel article on golf course future. Net loss in 2014 was $70,000 including Vizcaino Park costs. 
Recounts conversations from the past including City of Marfa contribution, lack of Presidio resident access and interest. Needed improvements. Still needs improvements, none done since 2014. Something has to be done, please do not let this golf course die. Has a handout for commissioners, passes it out to them.

Judge closes comment period. She says that she agrees that commissioners do want to preserve the golf course and comments will be taken into consideration. Thanks commenters.

Item 5: comments from Judge and commissioners.
Judge went to Redford and saw water system and saw that water tank is corroded and leaking. Lifespan of that type of tank is twenty years, it has been seventeen years. Would like to replace next go around with a steel tank which would last longer. 
On Friday Judge attended RGCOG meeting. Had a presentation from Dr Baeza from Presidio. Did a great job and will come to a future commissioners court meeting to present about poison hotline. 800 number to call for snakebites, spider bites, medication accidents to speak with a pharmacist about potential dangers, treatment. 
Judge will go to Presidio tomorrow to meet with residents and city administrator of City. 
No announcements from commissioners.

Item 6: No action on minutes 

Judge allows Eddie Pallarez to make another point. With regard to water usage issues, Global Golf says that state of the art irrigation system will use less water than current nine hole system does and will serve 18 holes. 

Item 7: executive session convened. Commissioners go to jury room to meet at 10:22 to consult with attorney. Meeting recessed.

Meeting reconvened at 11:20 AM

Presentation by attorney Jim Allison.

Computer froze. Lost entire summary of legal situation. Summary included in handout by Atty Allison. 
Luckily, Atty Allison provides Court and public with a written legal summary of his findings. I will post that summary as part of this post.

Aranda moves to not approve either bid. 
Seconded by Bentley. Unanimous

Break at 11:40 AM
 Reconvene at 11:59 AM.


Grantworks submission for Texas community development block grant. TDA. Up to $275,000 with up to $13,750 of matching funds from the County and in kind labor donations to service and improve Redford water system. Authorizes County Judge to be chief officer representing County.
This is an item already discussed in previous meetings. 
Aranda says we have discussed it and we want to go ahead with it, so he motions to approve.
Seconded by Hernandez.

Item 2: OMB requested.
Katie Sanchez of OMB presents:
Asks that funds for block grant monies be disbursed as soon as available. Payments must be made within five days of receiving bills for this grant. 

Item 3: also presented by Sanchez: name engineering firm. Two firms presented. Sanchez recommends McKinstree (spelling?). Sam Cobos involved in tax committee which met on this. Sheriff has seen this information, agrees with recommendation. 

Aranda motions to accept recommendation to approve TXCDBG funds from TDA. Unanimous.
Hernandez moves to select a professional engineer and take recommendation of committee. Unanimous.

Hernandez asks if County Atty will be used for drafting agreements. Yes, for review at least. Ponton says he will look at what they present and if it needs to be rewritten they can revisit this.
Next meeting of Court is Feb 10. Hopefully review this by that meeting.

Item number four: City of Marfa legislative item to use hotel motel tax monies for airport improvements. Dunlap not here until after lunch, Ponton presents 

Says City of Marfa wants to contribute to airport renovations, have to propose legislation to contribute funds. Chase Snodgrass has an issue about potential city of Marfa influence. TXDOT grants say that county must control all grant monies. Ponton worked with Nevarez's office to update language taking the control issue out of the wording but still allowing for a contribution.
Hernandez asks if State Rep wants county support for this bill. Yes, says Ponton.
Judge says that city control over airport language will be taken out as long as revenue from the airport goes back into airport. Ponton says this is discussion only, will bring this back to Commissioners when ready.
Judge says update from Texas hotel and lodging association is here in a document. Will get it to Commissioners. 
Chase Snodgrass, airports manager, says that the City of Marfa has not had a mechanism to contribute, this is it. He fully supports the concept. We just need to be sure that wording does not disqualify us from receiving grants.
Judge would like commissioners to write the Mayor a thank you letter since Dunlap initiated this process himself. She will write it. Commissioners agree.

Authorizing Treasurer to pay for repairs to GMC Terrain. Same item has been addressed in part in previous meetings.
Aranda motions to approve. $6573.74 to Freedom Buick GMC

No line item transfers

Bills: treasurer submitted bills. In packet.
Mostly utility bills. 
Judge motions to approve.
Vasquez seconds, unanimous

Adjourn. Ponton says he would like to bring up that Presidio folks would like more markings for road crossings at night and early in the morning on TXDOT highways. Requesting letter from commissioners to send a letter to TXDOT to do traffic study to allow them to possibly build this.
Judge Beebe raises hand, says he would like to see this on a future agenda since it is not on this agenda. Judge nods. Silence. Judge motions to adjourn.

Adjourn at 12:23 PM

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