Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Marfa mayor-elect’s home vandalized « Big Bend Now

Here's the article regarding the vandalization of the new Marfa Mayor's house. FYI, the Mayor's husband is outgoing Councilman Peter Stanley, one of the three councilmembers who voted to terminate the City's contract with the County regarding law enforcement.

Note the Sheriff's response to the situation.

Additionally, I have received information that Deputy Mitchell Garcia was called out to a minor incident in the city limits and did indeed respond and show up. The complainant was them told by the deputy that even if a crime had been committed that since the City had cut the funding, he would be unable to investigate he situation because of lack of resources.

I see behavior like this as yet another example of the Sheriff using this deputy to spread misinformation to the public about the reality of the situation. Much like when I was running for Justice of the Peace, after winning the primary and running unopposed for the general until the Sheriff's business partner and executive assistant ran against me as a write-in.

Soon afterwards I discovered that this same deputy had been telling older residents of Marfa that I was "going to legalize pot" and "let everyone from Austin off without paying tickets" and that I was a homosexual. All not true, but rumors that were only meant to hurt any support I would get from this constituency.

I expect more and greater falsehoods to occur within the next 18 months with regard to me and my re-election effort, and more and more varied unethical behavior from this department once the City begins assimilating whatever law enforcement force they decide to implement.

Marfa mayor-elect’s home vandalized « Big Bend Now

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