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Notes on Marfa City Council Meeting, 6/13/2017, 6PM City Hall, Marfa

Marfa city council

All present

Gretel Enck: comments

Mayors report: 
Nutrition center

Amplification of voices
(Lost data here due to Apple computer malfunction)

Council members comments:
Irma Salgado: looks to improve access to agenda item postings and councilmember packets.
Has an alternative way to present older information in an accessible way for council members to reference during meetings.
Council members receptive to her approach.

New business:
Establishing Marfa police dept.

Mayor says multiple motions will take care of this.
Teresa Todd presents.
TCOLE application
She was advised by supervisor at TCOLE to expect about a 30 day turnaround.
Requirements about facilities.
Nine policies must be outlined. Teresa Todd has completed six.

Outlines elements of Officer oath.
Expectations outlined within.
Teresa asks for finishing policies and procedures. Motion made as follows. Unanimous.

Establish a hiring committee for police chief.
Mayor says that she would like to present herself, city admin, Teresa Todd and Manny Baeza as committee. Mark Scott makes that motion. 
Second by Salgado.

Authorize required improvements for police dept space, plus bid by XL services for required evidence room construction.
XL (Lalo Garcia) has done work for city before at USO building. 
Baeza moves to approve proposal for construction. 

Item 2:
Chip Seal program for street repairs.
Map provided by City. 
Priority one and two streets can be repaired for the $125,000 without engineering costs. 
Yellow chip seal eligible streets could be done instead. 
Baeza wants to do priority one and two streets first.
Mayor says that $125,000 is the minimum amount city can spend to qualify for the chip seal program, a consortium of cities that can participate in discounted rate. 
Rosie Garcia says that Paris St has only been paved halfway when it was refinished two years ago. 
Tax note monies accessed for this program. 
Questions regarding tax note financing. 
Trey Gerfers asks about how streets are being redone. Chip seal is not a street rebuild. 
Questions about future budgeting for streets.
Pablo Carrasco asking questions about grants for streets, parks, water lines, etc. 
Manny Baeza asks if city has money in regular budget to fund administration for this project. Mayor says she is not sure.
Teresa says that money from land sale is coming up and might be blue to be used. 
Irma make the motion to adopt this approach to street maintenance. Unanimous.

Item 3: Requesting Presidio county bill for law enforcement services. 
Teresa Todd presents. Judge Guevara present.
Request for $110,000 to county.
Teresa, Mayor, City admin met and want to ask county for names of officers, county records, other info. 
Judge Guevara says she does not have solid numbers at this point but can get info to the city. Says that each Deputy costs about $51,000 per year after benefits. 
Fuel and maintenance per patrol unit is about $815 per month. 
Says it's a shame that the contract did not work out and we weren't able to reach an agreement. She does not believe that the City asked for anything unreasonable.
She says she has enjoyed a good relationship with the City since 1992, wants to continue that. Judge is open to communication and offers her service. 
Mayor asks for motion to accept asking for information. Mark Scott makes motion to request info. 

Item 4: encroachments onto lots on Mendias and Novez St.
Eric Arredondo, Mrs Vizcaino grandson. 
Teresa says last action on this item was in 2013.
Never finished the resolution of the project to fix this problem. 
East side of property has an issue that was to be resolved.
Eric says that surveyor took lines from certain points and there are encumbrances. Would like for city to sell areas for a clear title. 
South side has problems as well, needs a survey there to try to get an agreement on that. 
Teresa Todd:
Novez Ave is seventy foot ROW. There is room to accommodate these encroachments. 
Property owner on opposite side of street is parents of Eric, no objections. 
11.5 feet wide strip would need to be sold on east side. South side issue would need an agreement to allow encroachments because city utilities are too close. 
Encroachment agreements adopted by city in 2016.
Beebe states that council at the time in 2013 was prepared to sell the east side once issues were resolved, did not have at that time a good answer for the south side property issue. 
 MArk Scott make a motion to niter into an encroachment agreement on south side of property. $250 application fee no 50 cents per sq foot for every yer of agreement, 15 year term. All this is as per city rules. 
East side motion by Webb to approve selling the 11.5 feet for fair market value, survey and appraisal paid for by Vizcaino family.

Item 5: 
Action Heating and cooling HVAC replacement for kitchen in MAC building at Nutrition Center. Also electrical work for freezer outlets. 
Baeza asks about where funds come from. Capital Outlay from MAC bldg? Yes, out of MAC building. 
Approved unanimously.

Item 6: 
MAC building pool of swimming lessons, coach Wayne Schroeder. Wants to give swim lessons in Marfa, has been giving lessons in Alpine for years. 11 AM to 1 pm Tues-Friday. They will pay for two lifeguards, propose city waive fee so as to have lessons in Marfa $55 for lessons.
Mayor sees this as a potential pilot program. 
Brit Webb says he ran the pool the first three years it was open. Motions to approve. Unanimous.

Item 7: monthly revenue expenditure and accounts payable reports.

Salgado asks about some of the bills. Dollar General $1064? Rachel Whitley says it is for something else, a mistake. Will be corrected next time. 
Vendors and what they do?
H&M automotive. What kind of repairs?
Motion picture license for library program.
Backup ambulance repairs. 
TML dues.
Approved unanimously.

Adjourn at 7:10 pm

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