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Notes and links to video Presidio County Commissioners Court Meeting June 12, 2019, 9:30 AM

I am still getting acquainted with the camera and sources of power within the courthouse and the Presidio courthouse Annex. I learned this meeting not to sit near the copier or door and to bring a long extension cord.

All the videos from this and other meetings (2 so far) can be viewed HERE
Scroll to the bottom of these notes for individual links to the video segments for this meeting.

The video begins with a bad camera angle. Later it gets much better.
The most interesting part of the video is the Hwy 67 overview presented by Kleinmann consultants. I recommend watching it so you can see what the overall plans for that road look like today, as it nears design proposal completion.

Here’s my annotated notes on the meeting. Beneath are links to the videos on the Vimeo channel.

Notes on PCCC 06122019
Video pt 1 begins.

Present: Judge Guevara, Jose Cabezuela, Buddy Knight, County Atty Rod Ponton. Absent: Brenda Bentley, Eloy Aranda

Public comments:
Ramon Carrasco. Still working on warranty for Candelaria project. Scale measuring chlorine levels not working, needs replacement, under warranty.
Redford project. Bids out and accepted, work will start soon.

Payroll approval:
Nothing out of ordinary . Discussion about payouts after final pay period.
Katie Sanchez and Patty Roach have a heated discussion about final payroll timing and distribution. Patty Roach clarifies policy as being the pay period following the last pay period the employee works hours is when any additional pay for vacation time, etc will be distributed.

17:11 in video
Line item transfers and budget amendments: vehicle repair budget increased from insurance check, Sheriffs office.
Monthly report: jail has drainage problems in block 6.
Stonegarden grant: deputies have had training, not yet working. Grant does not provide for reserves to work, difficult to schedule overtime for current deputies.

 39:00 in video
Treasurers report: fuel sales at Presidio airport high this month.
Report accepted)
Video Part 1 ends

Video Part 2
Bills: training bills, estray cattle bill, Ponton reiterates his opinion on the County being an open range county and what that means.
JP conference in Padre coming up.  Says estray law is only for unknown cattle.
Balance reports April: approved

11:50 video time


Item 11: Vicky Carrasco - US 67 corridor update. Good information

End of Video 2
continued on Video 3
Concluded at end of video 3.

Break at 11:28 AM

Video 4 begins after break

 Item 12: Bill Tarantino from Sul ROSS. Presentation. 11:40 AM
Borderlands Research institute, funded by Mitchell Foundation.

Presentation about the initiative until 36:00 in to Video 4

Item 13: disbursement of salaries and routine office expenditures. Judge motions to postpone, but this item was brought on by Legislative action regarding payroll approval, amending meeting times. Judge wants to hear opinions from each commissioner. Item postponed.

12:15 pm Item 14: burn ban. July 4 coming up. Approved to order.

 42:15 in video

Item 15 12:21 pm
Jake Giesbrecht presentation on Port Authority activities. Report ends at 1:08 pm. Funding payment approved item 16. (video 4 ends- Video 5 picks up)
(see notes on PIPA meeting and also Jake's activity list in previous posts for related info)

Presentation ends at 42:20 on video 5

Item 17:
Property sales. Approved 1:12 pm

44:55 on video 5

Item 18: minutes approval

End of Video pt 5

Video Pt 6

Item 19: reports
Capital projects report not here
Airport runway drainage issues
Both JP Offices’ totals up

18:30 on Video 6

Judge announcements: has had several conference calls from C3, met with MARFA concerned citizens group. Will share info with public at a future date.
Airport drainage
PIPA meeting last Thurs.

Knight says that Elias Sanchez said the road going into the old cemetery is washed out again. Knight talked to Ruben about fixing it. Knight says this is a public cemetery, public road.

Adjourn at 1:36 pm

Video part 1
Video Part 2
Video Part 3
Video Part 4
Video Part 5
Video Part 6

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