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Notes and video links to Presidio County Commissioners Court Meeting 08/21/19, Presidio

I have not yet uploaded the agenda, hopefully tomorrow.

 Video links are at

There are three parts. Each is named PCCC 082119 with the part number following

Notes on Commissioners Court meeting Wednesday August 20th, 2019, 10 AM

Quorum: Eloy Aranda, Jose Cabezuela, Buddy Knight, Judge Cinderela Guevara. Absent Brenda Bentley
County Atty Ponton on his way but not yet here.

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Payroll: software issue kept payroll from being here. Will be approved next meeting after paid this one.

County Atty Ponton enters meeting at 10:08 AM

Patty Roach: transfers, approved
budget amendments

Bills: nothing abnormal.
Fuel demerge charge at airport from AVFuels. Judge questions whether this is our cost to bear.
Demerge charge is a charge for holding up a cargo delivery or rental on a container not refueled in time.
Knight wants to wait and get clarification. General agreement.
Late fee may apply, says treasurer.
Accepted minus demerge charge of 106.25

12:00 on video pt 1

Dispatch agreement between Sheriffs office and Presidio PD.

Dispatch between Sheriffs office and Marfa PD

Contract between Sheriffs office and photo ID solutions . $295

17:30 on video

Item 11: city of Marfa PD and Sheriffs office jail confinement services.

Item 12: contract Presidio city PD and Sheriffs office jail confinement services

Item 13: move item forward. Tabled

Item 14: proposal for courthouse lawn electrical work on N side of lawn.
Funding discussed
Scope of work discussed.

Item 15: 30:15 on video
Moving times of commissioners court from mornings to evenings. Discussion only.
New court schedule will be set upon adoption of new budget.
Other counties meet during the day, says Ponton. He is opposed to meeting at night.
Judge says we have to post the dates of the regular meetings but time of meetings is not addressed in the statute.
Perhaps the court could adjust based on demand about certain issues.
Discussion varies. Leaning towards not changing but possibly calling additional meetings when needed

Item 16: 46:05 on video
Healthy County .
County incentives program. Approved

 End of video 1 during this item
Video pt 2

Item 17: RGCOG e-911 services agreement. Text to 911.
Equipment provided by COG

 Part 2 of Video at 7:27

Item 18: Legislative Update
No agreement in packets
Judge moves to postpone this item.

Item 19: Election judges for county precincts.
Agenda item is not quite right, judge says. Needs to amend it.
Election judges are appointed for two year terms if court wants to do this. County Clerk says that’s the way she would like it. She has contacted most candidates, most have agreed, minus #16&17.
Aranda asks about where these people live.
Appointing chairs for Dem party and Rep party.
Judge moves to approve list minus those who have not been contacted.
Named in video. Pt 2 15:00

Item 20: team members for USDA grant with city of Presidio and city of Marfa. Judge says she has not yet contacted her choices. Knight asks if there is a time crunch on this. Judge says likely needs to be done today. Manny Baeza, Brad Newton, Joe Portillo, John Ferguson, Brenda Bentley, Anne Marie Nafziger.
List of nominees discussed and motion made by judge.

Item 21: evaluation team members for vehicles RFP purchase. Road and bridge Dept.
Patty Roach presents
Ruben Carrasco and Buddy Knight discussed as participants.

Possibly commissioner Bentley.
Auditor says outside auditor recommends no more than one commissioner participate. Ernest Villareal from golf course? Will ask.

Item 22:
RFP motor grader committee. Used and new options.
Ruben, Buddy, a road and bridge employee who operates road grader.
Isidro Garcia nominated. Approved.

Back to item 13: TAC insurance renewal. Rate did not change. Dental went down a bit. Mindy Seahorn presents.
Renewal date Dec 1
Pool as a whole average increase 7%. County has 0% change. Based on expenses.
Dental coverage went down 1%.
Ameritas vision coverage and MASA air ambulance plans did not change.
Other plans presented. Court moves to stay with the current plans.
Surplus distributions not approved this year.
Wellness benefits available to employees.
Approved. 40:30 into video pt 2

Item 23: reports for Presidio Fire EMS and from Ag extension agent.

End of video pt 2 two minutes into Item 24. Video pt 3 begins.

Item 24: announcements from judge and commissioners
Judge: received check from tax for surplus health ins distribution from past years.
Hotel motel fund revenue from city of Marfa for airport of 50,000 will be paid. Beebe was present for city council budgeting last year on this and shares info.
Discussion about those airport funds and enabling legislation. Discussion regarding county wide hotel motel tax. Beebe shares information former county Atty John Fowlkes found out about that issue. Ponton is interested.
Judge says Ramon Carrasco said new electrics installed in Candelaria and both wells are alternating .
Future plans could improve filtration in Candelaria and Redford, Aranda says.
Judge wants a volunteer to help her get information to the Texas Historical Commission on the courthouse renovations from 2002. Looking for supplemental grant, emergency grant for elevator repairs, window repairs. May have been defectively repaired in the first place and eligible for free repair. Roof leaking again.
Buddy Knight will help out.

Aranda talks about migrants and city of Presidio security for migrants. Judge updates, says that she attended city council meeting which addressed this.
Migrants will no longer be transported to El Paso. many Cuban migrants.
Joe Portillo says that most have a place to go or a relative to call. Most head north.
Concern about those that do not have a plan or resources.
Cabezuela says that they all have a plan, pretty much. Presidio PD has seldomly seen a problem. It is a risk.
Aranda says nobody knows how long this could last,lots of unknowns.
City of Presidio does not have the resources to handle taking care of a large influx of people without a further destination.
Catholic Church was helping but cannot any longer.
Judge wants to get a plan in motion between agencies. Del Rio and Uvalde implemented a plan and had success. Judge will speak with them. Commissioners court needs to talk more with border patrol to see what their policies are going to be.
Aranda thinks county may need to allot more monies for Sheriffs office reserve deputies.
Will Hurd passed a bill for localities to receive federal aid when this happens. We need to educate ourselves on that one.

adjourn at 12:07 pm.

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