Wednesday, April 20, 2005

BACK- I'm back- the myspace blog is going and so is this one until the Freedom Records weblog story begins. I worked out today- had a rough one with too much food in my stomach. We're doing the first edition of the Gong Show tonight- hiopefully it will be good. I'll be performing the Astrodome Scoreboard- 1st time since '88. Hope it goes well. I can't believe it's been so long sine I posted here.
Here's a bit of music related stuff- Joh Lomax wrote the article that came out today in the Houston Press about the Internatinal Festival's shoddy local stage bookings. Pretty good writing, and hopefully someone at the I Fest will respond. He's right- that festival is dying on the vine. Same crap, worse every year.
Let's see- We're backing up Big Robert Smith this coming Monday. Looks like a rehearsal with him may not happen. I think we'll rehearse anyway. It will be recorded live, so it needs to be hot. Hopefully I can put it out and he can use it as a demo.
More- got offered the drum slot for another Elizabeth McQueen gig today. Can't do it- already booked in Austin. Hopefully it will happen again. She just took the slot as female vocalist for Asleep at the Wheel and her album is doing great.
OK, that's it for now. I'm going to bookmark this spot and visit regularly. - David

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