Friday, April 16, 2004

It's Friday and I'm listening to the Ringwlads play "Hot For Teacher" downstairs. They are sounding better sonically these days, but their song selection is going further towards Journey and Van Halen and away from Men Without Hats and Devo, which is the stuff I like infinitely better as far as live goes. We're playing tonight as The El Orbits with this lienup; Steve Candelari on drums, Jim on guitar and me on bass. That should be fun as long as we don't run out of music. I'll practice a little more bass before getting dressed and work up at least four more El Orbits standards.
Tomorrow we're playing a noon wedding at ROCC. Chris J and the Kid will split the bass duties and the show should be eas. I'm off tomorrow night and might hang out with Claudia S and her art crowd. They party hard, but it's always interesting, to say the least.
I like that new Nelly video "Tip Drill" with all the booty shaking going on. I saw a screwed version that was much bettwer sounding screwed and the video was slowed down too. Shuffleboard table is progressing. Probably two more coats.
The Handsomes are playing after the Ringwalds downstairs. Sarah Sharp opens. Should be a big night for the club. The Kid is doinmg his forst solo set at the Big Top tonight. I'm sure that will be OK. Allen Hill is riding the MS 150 this weekend. e should do OK.
I painted stencils on mic stands last night and wrapped and marked new cords. Allen will get all the worn out stuff, including 5 SM 58s, at least three stands, and 5 cables. Pretty good deal for him, since it's free. I've ordered new windscreens from LD whcih I'll put on the mics. That usually improves the sound a bit and definitely makes them look a lot newer.
Chris Knudson called me today for Pete's number. He's a good dude, totally home team, but one of those guys who calls in favors as often as he can. I actually owe him zero, except for a bit of common respect, but feel slightly inclined to help him anyway. I hate that shit. I'll just give him Pete's nbumber again and tell him to catch Trey on a Thursday at the Big Top, which is where he should pla anyway.
I'll be eating some nachos downstairs in a few minutes. That will be dinner unless I catch a little James Coney before the Stag's Head. Its better to eat, since I know I'll have a few beers tonight.
Lastly, I pickes up a load of Creme Eggs from Randalls on closeout for Bingo prizes. Always a good bet after Easter. L8R- David

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