Thursday, April 15, 2004

It's Thursday and the Beatles are about to play downstairs. The JDRF folks are there and it's sure to be a busy night. I'm half hoping to take it easy tonight and work upstairs and half hoping to party a little downstairs. I guess I'll play it by ear.
We had our first rehearsal with Jay Dee today. He will be great and seems excited about the group. I really like his attitude and dedication to drums. My bass playing was really good on some songs and awful on others; I need to prctice more. I may be playing bass tomorrow night at the Stag's Head if Conrad can do the drums. Otherwise it's a crapshoot as to who else is playing the gig.
Chris Johnson called and Paul Minor's wedding time in Brenham has been changed to earlier so he's freaking out. It looks like the Kid will sub in for the 2nd half of the show (12-5) and Chris will play the first part. That will be OK with me, but I am constantly surprised by how many last minute bandmember booking issues I have to deal with. Maybe in six months with more players and flexibility (and a higher price, maybe fewer gigs) I'll have less to deal with. That would be nice.
The shuffleboard refinishing downstairs is going slowly. I think I have 2-3 more coast to go plus quite a bit of sanding. Hopefully it will be great when it's done and will last me 2-3 years with little to no maiintenance. The shuffleboard wax gum machine should be amajor improvemnet. We need new weights, as well. Maybe I'll order them online tonight or by phone tomorrow. Practicing bass will be part of tomorrow's routine, plus returning emails and phone calls. I'm actually really sick of emails. Maybe I'll change my address soon.
Oh, yes, my sewing machine is ready at the sewing machine repair shop. Nice.
Lastly, I think maybe excess Splenda sweetener in my coffee and the Diet Rites may be upsetting my stomach. I hope not.

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