Thursday, April 15, 2004

So we played at Sambuca tonight. The gig went well despite the day before tax day eating up most of the regular crowd. I went to see Joh Egan at Dean's after the show and Little Joe Washington told me that there was a killer "Mexican band" at St Pete's Dancing Marlin, so I went there and the Cosmic Latte band blew me away. Ari from the Zenteno's band and Sanchoo kicked ass and the band was tight. A great show for zero $ every Wed night from 10:30-1 at Pete's on Maiin at Preston. I was inspired and drank a few beers.
Otherwise, Stphen Adams apparently no-showed for his Dreambreak TEch gig Tuesday at the club and now may lose the gig. All that guy really needs is a regular job. It kind of insults me that he's either too lazy for one or thinks he's above it to et a shit job. He's re-entering the matrix he swore in song he wouldn't go back to. Rough, but it's hard to have much sympathy when he needs to help himself a nd has at least 2 guys sacrificing for him for the ;ast year or so. Most jobless, homeless, broke and somewhat lazy and unhealthy guys can't claim that. I can't imagine what my next conversation withhim will be like.
L8R. folks- David

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