Wednesday, April 14, 2004

OK, it's April 14th, 2004 and I'm beginning this blog. We'll see how it goes for a while before I make it public that it exists and link it to The El Orbits website.
Tonight I'll be playing at Sambuca Jazz Cafe with Pete, Jim and the Kid. 7-11PM and it's an easy show. Tomorrow we have our 1st rehearsal with Jay Dee, our new drummer. That should be good. It's also a possibility that I'll be playing bass this Friday at the Stag's Head.
I'm refinishing the shuffleboard table downstairs in the Continental. It's slow going, but nearly done. It should be ready to play by this weekend. Also, I'll be installing a gumball type vending machine on the shelf above the table to vend 25 cent packs of shuffleboard wax. That will keep it available and the cost to the bar will eventually be zero.
I picked up several more machines at the Gumball guy's shop on Wayside including a ten cent gum machine, another 25 center to replace the broken one, a peanut machine for the Big Top, and supplies for all. Plenty of machines now, maybe we'll sell some gum.
OK, that's it for now.

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