Tuesday, July 08, 2008

A little late on posting

Sorry I haven't yet posted the last city council meeting. I have one tonight and I will be sure to get them both up soon. By the way, the whole point of posting them is to have a public viewing place for my voting record. I would recommend reading the Big Bend Sentinel's account of the meetings for an unbiased look at council activities. I do my best to just report the meetings as I see them from a seat at the table, but I can tell you for sure that on issues such as garbage pickup contracts there's no way I can seperate my feelings from the writing. The Big Bend Sentinel is less than $40 a year delivered to your door, anywhere in the country. My mother gets it and it gets to her mailbox in Houston usually the Tuesday following the Thursday publication.

More later on council and also recording adventures. By the way, my radio show is still going strong- 11PM to 1 AM every Tuesday night/Wednesday morning. I will miss next week as I'll be in Houston but am broadcasting (and webcasting) tonight. Marfa Publci Radio FM 93.5 www.marfapublicradio.org - David


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