Thursday, October 16, 2008

First, a short general update

Construction is coming along handily now, and I am way overdue on taking some video. So, I will take some at some point over the next week and post that up. Last weekend was Chinati/El Cosmico weekend out here and I had the pleasure of playing bass with Adam Bork, seeing Alejandro Escovedo play, swimming in the Dutch tubs at Cosmico, hosting my friend Marc DeClerq (aka H.O.T. Rink Sweeper of HRD fame), playing sandlot baseball broadcast live over the radio, seeing Amy Cook play, enjoying beer and golf at the Marfa Golf Course, and hosting more than 3 dozen folks over the course of Sunday night here at the place for pool, shuffleboard, jukebox, food and drinks into the wee hours.
After all that, I am dead.
Especially after the Houston Roller Derby Western Regionals tournament 2 weekends ago in Houston. That was so wild I basically saw and talked to nobody outside of derby while I was in Houston (sorry!!!- and I feel bad) since I had a giant truck to load up with pool tables and restaurant equipment. Stopover in Austin for more gear and back to Marfa in time for the Parks and Rec meeting last Thursday.
Enough of that- I'll be in here in Marfa until Christmas break and I have plenty to do and only a little time to do it.
Cool other stuff- the Desert Surfer Mercedes is back as my main mode of transport when I have to drive. A real pleasure. My tree and native plant planting initiative is getting under way (with the help of Marfa Rotary) this Saturday at 9 AM. We'll be planting 4 trees in front of the MAC and some other native bushes and agaves.
My radio show is going well and next week is the Marfa Public Radio pledge drive. I'll be needing calls and support during my program from 11PM to 1 AM and later on Tuesday and also may be doing an additional shift of the "night Train Express" on Wednesday night- same late hours.
I'm playing bass with the Dry Creek Diggers Saturday and Sunday this weekend. Saturday is a benefit for the new private pre-K school being formed here in Marfa. Sunday will be at Harry's Tinaja in Alpine for their regular set. Their bass player is out of town this weekend.
Other than that, if you read the council stuff I post, you see how much work and stress that's been. Times are tough for everyone and most city costs are energy related, so we've had a tough job to do and few people are even remotely pleased.
That's it! - David

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