Thursday, October 16, 2008

Right on time

It's Thursday night, the 16th of October and I am listening to Cornyn vs Noriega debating over Marfa Public Radio. They are both competing for the junior Senatorial seat in the U.S. Senate here in Texas. Cornyn is the incumbent, Noriega is the underfunded challenger who may actually have half a chance.

I had planned on finally getting into some of my (late) city council updates (and will at least get something done tonight on that) when I received another anonymous reply to this blog regarding the garbage/landfill situation here in Marfa. Without getting into it right here in this post, I must PLEAD with readers who feel they need to make comments to please SIGN them. This particular person believes that we can easily renew our landfill permit here in Marfa and potentially solve our garbage collection problem. I believe this would have already been done, if at all possible, and inquired about it myself long before I became a councilman. If what this person says is true, this person, by remaining anonymous, is part of the problem. I would solve this problem if I had more information and that information was correct. So, I ask, once again, please leave your name or contact me directly if you have any constructive criticism.
Oh yes, actually, better yet- take it to the newspaper and let's get the word out if you have a real solution. Thank you. - David

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David Schoenbaum said...

About using tickets as a revenue source. I think this came up a long time ago in Selma. My recollection is that the local judges cannot preside over ticket infraction if a significant portion of local revenue comes from issuing tickets. My hunch is that it would be even worse if their were a plan or policy to this effect.