Tuesday, March 08, 2011

Marfa City Council 3/8/11

All in attendance

Minutes approved unanimously from last meeting

No citizen comments

Jim Mustard's report- USO building Phase 1 construction complete. Tables and chairs from MAC building are being moved- a few of them.
MAC building renovation has begun- oine problem- see later in meeting

No Mayor's Report

OLD BUSINESS- Southwest Texas Municipal Gas Corp
Report from Rudy Garcia- appointed to dissolution and asset reallocation committee.
Rudy says not much has happened.
Rudy has inspected some materials for inventory in Marfa warehouse. Diana Asgiersson is in charge of records and inventory in Alpine. SWTMGC employees are refusing to assist- too busy with training. Diana would like to hire an individual to assist. Rudy says he will do Marfa's inventory. Going to make some progress regardless.
Dunlap says Gas corp owns property on the east end of El Paso St where they are storing some old equipment.
Mustard says that SWTMGC underwriter has provided details on insuring the assets and workers here for Marfa if we were to take it into the city's auspices. Approx $10,000 to underwrite per year.

1) Proposal to sell inoperable Ditch Witch at Golf Course. Been broken for 8 years or so. Offered $500 for parts. Unanimously to sell.

2) Discussion to sell the broken Nutrition Center van. Also to apply for a grant for a new van. This is procedural- TXDOT granted us the van originally and require that we receive three appraised values and then approval from them to sell. In order to be likely to receive a new grant we need to go through this. Unanimously in favor, although we will incur costs.

3) Notice of General Election- City of Marfa- we are all required to sign order. We sign it.

4)Reauthorization of Ordinance 82-11 concerning return of materials to Marfa Public Library. Libririans wish for permission to use the enforcement ordinance- reauthorization may not be required, but may help clarify whether it's still supported by city government. Unanimous

5) Damage at MAC building.
Construction workers found termite damage between the bathrooms between the two pool bathrooms. Repair will require extra dollars and we'll need to treat the building for termites. Seeking approval for this work. Alss request for putting plywood beneath the sheetrock in the bathrooms to inhibit holes being punched in the walls. Unanimous.

6) Monthly revenue and Expenditure report and Accounts Payable Report
Short question from Josie regarding damage done to house beneath water tower. Mustrad states that our insurance company is dealing with it and that the homeower is not happy. Likely some sort of action between his insurance company and ours.
Also, the East Heights water station received damage and we have not heard whether ou insurance company will cover it.
Sewage project is slated to start fairly soon (downtown. In the city budget- $172,469- to be reimbursed by grant. Josie acts why bills went out so late this month- Mustard says because of freeze we reviewed more bills before we sent them out.
Approved unanimously

Meeting adjourned

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