Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Construction vs Demolition

I'm in Houston right now waiting in my cardiologist's office for my yearly checkup. I'm not expecting any news, thankfully, but over the last few days that I've been out of town, my name and my business have been attacked in the blogosphere.
First off, let's understand that I consider the blogosphere to be a "C" rate source of local and regional news; that being said, it's often the only thing we have in Far West Texas. One relatively popular blog that moonlights as a sometimes news source is Andrew Suber's West Texas Weekly. recently it's been 90% opinion, which is fine and sometimes more entertaining, but even more recently it's been a rant against me and now, the greater Marfa community.
It takes a long time to build a bridge or construct a building. A good demo crew can knock down and remove the same in a day. For whatever reason, Suber is burning his Marfa ties as hard as he can. With no provocation whatsoever, he has attacked me, Padre's and it's employees, Marfa in general, and now Marfa's non-profit arts groups.

Check it out and if you like it, "Kachingle" him in his cup-

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MissCellaneous said...

David, that guy is an idiot. Don't let him get to you.