Sunday, April 17, 2011


Apologies for missing the live feed of the last city council meeting (last Thurs). Not much was covered and the meat of the issues dealt with crowd managemnet tactics and overview of agencies and procedures that will be used during the big weekend here Easter weekend for the Railroad Revival Tour.
Fires were covered- the Mayor presented a slideshow of pictures and we essentially reviewed the data provided by the various press outlets.

I am preparing as much food as possible in advance of this coming weekend- working on veggie lasagna, pork loin "Pork-U-Pine" and red beans today while I cover the regular cooking duties as well. We are open today as tonight YACHT, a popular band with some Marfa ties, will play at the club.
Next sat, Sun and Mon I am cooking breakfast for the masses here as well- should be hectic and interesting- big job. I bought a whole bunch of materials and some equipment to do it all in El Paso a few days agp- hopefully we'll sell enough breakfasts to cover the costs of the gear to do it again! I think we will- we were almost set up for this to begin with....

I attended a law enforcement meeting regarding preparations and policies for the upcoming weekend- a synopsis of which is posted under the RRT section at . There will be a heavy law enforcement presence (if that doesn't surprise you!) and we'll probably need it--- I don't expect problems, but this place is going to be a zoo.

We've got a whole bunch of new Padres merchandise to sell this coming weekend, which is great news! Screen printed vintage shirts, etc and some women's clothes as well. David Garcia will be manning the door nearly all weekend and will sell merch outside in front. Should be a great way to get this stuff out of Marfa and into Austin and the like... Ellie Kenworth and Helena Stergiou are coming into town to help tend bar and generally help in general, at least in Ellie's case. Cleaning and some other stuff- I really need the help.

All is well- onto kitchen duty--

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