Friday, February 17, 2012

Guilty Pleasure(s)

I will now admit that I pretty much love listening to Alex Jones, a certified doomsayer, on his podcasts while doing the occasional and arduous task of dealing with band bookings.
85% of what he says is pretty much off my radar, but I LOVE the fact that he pretty much can't stand either of the two political parties (since they are basically the same with a different BS commercial stance) and that one of the things he hates the most is the co-opting of public projects/funds/ideas to the private sector in the name of security/efficiency and accountability.
Admittably, I look at public building and infrastructure projects and their costs and I think that, generally, 1/3 of the cost could have been saved without the influence of "the public good". That being said, the public/private partnerships tend to have none of the building efficiencies of the private projetcs combined with the public side ALWAY taking all of the risk and, if said project fails, the public sector is faced with the long term bag.
Guilty pleasure.
I think. more to the point, that this guy is pretty much insane and I would have, in a different life, been as intense as he is had I not ---
1) Made a decision to use some of the talents God gave me to produce music, which is theraputic
2) I had not been prescribed blood pressure medecine to clam my physical body down 11 years ago
3) Had a stablizing great group of friends to keep me thinking within some reality that resembles reality

Those folks who have known me well forever (family, Allen Hill, Banana guys, Christy Kern, all my college friends) and certain Alpine Bread & Breakfast regulars and many others can probably vouch for my intensity when I get pushed to my naturally intense origins. I am happy I make the decision pretty much every day to chill (believe it or not) Thanks, y'all- life is better without worrying about everything that doesn't really matter- D

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