Tuesday, February 28, 2012

What this Spring Break/SXSW booking season has taught me

Never have I seen the live music "industry" be so slack, lazy, and lame. This, coupled with the same sense of entitlement that musicians are known for. That has not changed.
Not ONE "national act" that I have booked here at Padre's for the SXSW/Spring Break season has sent me any posters to put up and R Halpern at the newspaper has not received any promotion from any of the acts even though sending a digital press kit is free, unlike back when I toured with Banana Blender and The El Orbits. Nothing.

Today I canceled a show for 2 Mondays from now after receiving an email from the agent, asking for, among other things, my "Facebook event Page Address" This, coming from NO POSTERS, NO PROMO band.
Canceled the show- I am disgusted.

Anyway, my lesson is that I am going to get hard on these BSers and cancel them is they show zero signs of professionalism. I will be sure to give them 2 weeks notice, as a professional myself. This way I can avoid
1) a Cover Charge for an act NOBODY has heard of that doesn't even have a poster hanging on our front door
2) Paying a doorman, soundman, meals and beers for a band playing to a near-empty room
3) Wear and tear on equipment, stolen microphones, DI's etc
4) All the rest of the crap that comes with hosting people in your house who are touring with "Dad's Gas Card"

AND- Posters sent via email "for me to print" are not acceptable

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