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Notes about and links to Video footage of PCCC Meeting May 25, 2019, Presidio

Notes on PCCC Meeting May 29 2019, 10 AM, Presidio.

Present: Buddy Knight, Cinderela Guevara, Brenda Bentley, Jose Cabezuela, Eloy Aranda

Convene at 10:10 AM

Video pt 1 begins.
Payroll approval
One payout for jail employee quitting.
Airport fuel sales bonuses.
Commissioners ask questions about how this works. They approved this before.

Video in 8:30 for inmate trust fund item. Bank signatures.
Time 9:45 for item 7 approve inter local for jail prisoner housing Hudspeth County Jail. From $48 per day to $50 per day.
Approved with changes to dates

Video in 16:20 min- contract with Texas Communities Group for tax sale properties. Lori Wilmarth, Molly Flores
Marfa sale to be July 2
Talk about categorizing properties within the county
Price increase from $2500 to $7500.
Judge wants to wait to see last year’s annual report.
Aranda motions to renew.

Video 42:30 minutes in item authorizing Guevara to seek grant funds for city of Presidio streetlights. Also item 10, seal coating for City of Presidio roads.
Guevara speaks on this. Migrant concerns.Aranda speaks.
120 single adult migrants identified.
Video pt 2
Cabezuela says county can help city of Presidio with street seal coating.
Some arguments about who can help whom. City obligation? Joe Portillo talks at length about city priorities. Difficulties in securing grants, deadlines. Partnership with city instead of for the city? Writing letters or more than that?
Talk about EMS and Fire costs from Portillo.
Agenda item streetlight passes. Streets pass, Knight dissents.

Video time 33:00 minutes into Pt 2 - 4 items with regard to TAPS grant funding.
Patty Roach addresses these.
Grant goes back to 2015.
No Austin st RR crossing work included.
Marfa item approved.
Bledsoe to OReilly connector in Presidio item.
Scope of work has shrunken because of right of way issues on street.
Item approved
TASA grant in Presidio from 2017. Removed some items from scope of work.
City of Presidio is going to be on the hook from approx $550,000
Item passes
TASA grant fro Marfa, Cosmico shared use path. Scope is smaller because of right of way issues. From 2017
Match is budgeted.
Item approved.

Video time Pt 3 9:56 on item award Redford tank project bid
Kleinmann presents.
County will do prep work for tank, piping and foundation.
38,912 after tank purchase for force account to complete work.
Controls will cost about $18,000 including electric. about 33,000 to do the work including county match of 13,000.
Two tanks will be in use.
Aranda talks about mounting tank at higher elevation by Mr Morales’ request. Ramon says tank would be too high, pressure would go up too 120 psi. County will have to build a booster pump for Morales. That is not in grant application but maybe we can use money left over with TDA approval.
Morales donated property for other tank and wells. Aranda wants to help him out.
Item approved

Video time 19:19 for item line item transfers and budget amendments
Bills just afterwards.
Grant match payments for grants just passed.

Video time for reports: 22:45  in.
Presidio EMS: ambulance mechanical issues. Oil cooler defective, misdiagnosed prior.
Looking for funding for new ambulance.

Announcements: 29:04 in video.
Budget packets due by June 3
Reverse 911 contract: still have some requirements to meet. Who has authority to make announcements?
Forwarded to Gary. Hopefully resolved in conference call tomorrow.
Judge Bishop told her that Medical Examiner on Lubbock is under Fire.

Knight went to airports training.  Maintenance plans stressed.
Drones discussed. TSA using drones for maintenance and surveillance.
Probably should become a member of the Texas Airport Council.

Adjourn at 12:27 pm

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