Thursday, May 30, 2019


Hello, everyone.

I missed a few meetings this year while attending different dates at the Texas Capitol during Legislative Session. As in sessions past, I’ve been trying to be as loud as possible about reforms to the Texas DPS Driver Responsibility Program, which I consider to be a debtors’ prison trap and some courts consider to be a method of illegal taking of money beyond statutory fine maximums.

This year, success was had on this, and the program is due to be discontinued and dismantled in September. 

In the meantime, though, I have been very disappointed in particular actions of certain County officials, and I find myself not only being weary of typing at breakneck pace for hours on end at meetings, but also unable to comment as much or with as much focus as I need to have at these same meetings. 

In the interest of FULL transparency, I believe the solution is to film the meetings I can attend and place the full contents online for public viewing and interpretation. 

I have invested in a camera and sound setup with my own personal funds and my campaign fund is paying for the web hosting, as permitted by ethics rules. 

My first foray into this project is the meeting in Presidio yesterday. My sound system is not completely ready, so I used the stock microphone on the camera. It’s adequate, but future sound quality should be remarkably better. I should also get better at visual quality as I educate myself about the fancy camera and its features.

This page will have agendas, notes on when in the footage agenda items are discussed (so you can skip ahead) and imbedded links to the videos, which run a maximum of 47 minutes per. What that means is that a three hour meeting will be divided into four parts. Notes will reflect where items fall within the footage time, in other words.
I will likely have some really basic notes transcribed as part of those posts, just because I like to write a few things down for myself and this blog functions as my file cabinet for all these meetings, pat and present.

Thanks so much for your interest in Presidio County governance.
David Beebe

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