Monday, March 02, 2009

Catching up

Tonight I will try to post up the summaries of the last 2 council meetings that actually occurred. Last Thursday's meeting was canceled due to lack of a quorum. That will make the Feb 10th meeting last forever, so if you plan on going bring some coffee, a book and a pillow.

More importantly, I checked out the newly reopened Sandy's 7-11 gas station/convenience store this morning after hearing about their selection of Moon Pie flavors the other day.
Mot only do they have Strawberry, Orange, Chocolate, Banana, and LEMON (my favorite) Moon Pies, but also they have 20 ounce cold RC Co-colas and ZAPP'S potato chips! Unreal- especially the Zapp's which we will be serving here at Padre's instead of french fries with burgers (no fryers here, despite my Popeyes Fried Chicken pedigree). Check out Sandy's, just south of the stoplight (our only one) on HWY 67 towards Presidio. My new favorite in-town grocer (besides the Get Go) - David

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AndrewSuber said...

Hey, David. I'm putting a link to you at
I think folks will appreciate your ideas on Texas music and your insights into Marfa politics.