Sunday, March 15, 2009

This year's SXSW schedule for David Beebe

Although I officially retired from being a full time musician at the end of 2006 (and then had vocal cord surgery) I still get to play shows from time to time- usually with some pretty great musicians.
The SXSW music conference and festival every spring in Austin is definitely the time every year when I get to play the most often per 24 hour period. This year I'll be playing bass, percussion and harmonica with 4 different acts.
Thus far. I am scheduled to play 10 shows- 7 of them on Saturday. Saturday is always the wildest day- and by that time I am half running on fumes and half running on adrenaline.
Here's a rundown of the shows with times, places, acts and the instrument(s) I will play.

Thursday March 19th-
4:15-4:50PM for a KOOP Austin 91.7 Radio party at Lovejoy's with the Pine Valley Cosmonauts. I'll be on bass guitar and this band features Jon Langford, Sally Timms and Bill Anderson, among others. Classic country tunes mostly with some Langford originals thrown in. The band has a new record with Rosie Flores and she will be performing on the PVC shows this year. Great, great people and music in this group.

Friday March 20th-
12:45 PM until 1:20 PM- Andre Williams at Yard Dog gallery, S Congress Ave. I'll be on percussion, backup vocals and harmonica. The Black Godfather- need I say more. Free- no badge required.
11:00 PM- Pine Valley Cosmonauts w/ Rosie Flores at Momo's - an official showcase in support of the new record. I'll be on bass.

Saturday March 21st-
GET THERE AT 9:30 AM- for Mojo Nixon's Mayhem featuring Allen Hill and His Oldies Band and jalapeno pancakes. Continental Club, 1315 S Congress. Free and it fills up quick. Get there at 9:30!
10:30 AM- THE TWANG- Germany's most awesome country band. I'll be on percussion, backup vocals and harmonica- Continental Club, GET THERE AT 9:30 free
11:30-12:15- Allen Oldies Band at Jo's hot coffee, across from Continental on S Congress. The most popular Oldies Band in the world. I'll be playing harmonica and percussion, emceeing and singing backup.
1:15-2:30- Roy Head and Barbara Lynn at the Butler Bros' party, E 5th St. Not sure if this is public- ask Allen Hill. I'll be on percussion, harmonica and backup vocals.
3:30-4:15- Andre Williams, Mojo's Mayhem, Continental Club- still free and if you have been there since 9:30, you're probably drunk. I'll be on backups, percussion and harmonica. Free
4:30- Pine Valley Cosmonauts, Rosie Flores and Jon Langford- Yarg Dog gallery, S congress Ave- I'll be on bass. Free show!
11:00 PM- I'm sure to be in great shape by this hour. I'll be on percussion, harmonica and backup vocals in Andre Williams' official SXSW showcase show. Continental Club!

By the way, this year instead of completely quitting drinking for Lent (too much to do, opening a bar, etc) I have restricted the drinking only to when people offer and/or retrieve a drink for me. You would be surprised at how little I have had to drink since this went into effect. Anyhow, if I look thirsty in Austin, that'll be why.

Enough of that- see you music fans there- David


Unknown said...

Hey David,

Hope you guys are having a blast today, and good luck with the opening of Padre's. I can't wait to come see ya out there! Thanks so much for being part of one of the happiest weekends I have had in a while. You are a ray of sunshine. I love being around you and feel blessed to count you as a friend. Rock on, babe!

IJ Reilly said...

Mr. Beebe, I'm humbled to find you linking to my stupidass blog. I'll have to return the favor by spending some of gramma's Easter basket money at the Continental this week.

It's been a while since I felt cool enough to hang there, but I do kind of miss that special Pete glare. It seemed to be saying something like "I didn't open this place for fat douchebags like you but as long as you've got money I'll keep my mouth shut," or "dude, seriously? It's not even 4 and you're already...whatever."

Take care my man, and don't stay away too long. Houston is a little less thoed when you're gone.